Stéphane Frémond,
an intensive experience sharing!

It is an adventure in itself... a real festival of experiences! Five intense days, during which the students on the Event Management specialisation at La Rochelle Tourism & Hospitality School work non-stop! The President of the International Adventure Film and Book Festival comments on this partnership that has been in place for more than ten years.

Stéphane Frémond's interview, head of International Adventure Film Festival of La Rochelle

So, would you say that this festival is five crazy days?

The number of hours involved is considerable and we need volunteer staff to make it work. We are very happy to be able to count on the students from Excelia Group's Tourism & Hospitality School for each edition of the Festival. Their presence gives a young and dynamic image to the Festival!

To what extent is it a "win-win" partnership?

I prefer referring to it as a "pedagogical partnership". We provide students with an intensive experience during which they discover the whole range of activities involved in organising such an event: ticketing, catering, welcoming event partners... They bring their dynamism and enthusiasm and, in return, they benefit from a real sharing of experiences, with the guidance and leadership of one or more professionals. In November, they experience the live festival then in January I come to the School to give a week of classes, to not only carry out a debrief but to review the whole organisational process necessary for such as event. As they have actually experienced the whole event, they are all the more attentive.

The partnership has already been in place for 10 years now... does that mean that students from La Rochelle Tourism & Hospitality School enjoy the pressure?

What is important is that they know that they are not simply being used as extra manpower; we quickly reassure them on this point when we visit the School to present the event before the beginning of the Festival. We outline the organisation and detail the different tasks they will carry out. Later on, during the event itself, they realise that they are never alone!