The Excelia EXperience… with Bogdan!

We recently spent a few days with Bogdan, a student on our La Rochelle campus.

He told us all about his experience studying at Excelia!

Joining a family

Studying at Excelia really does leave a lasting impression, transforming each student into an ambassador of a very special club… The Excelians!

Being an Excelian means being one of 40,000 Alumni who have benefitted from the unique experience of studying at this major French business school… a dynamic school that you select with good reason!

Expérience ExceliaStudying at Excelia means choosing excellence on an academic level, and choosing an ecosystem that not only focusses on vocational integration, but also considers personal well-being and development. In addition to learning the fundamentals, studying at Excelia also means exploring all possible avenues, with the range of programmes placing great emphasis on real-life situations, alternating theory and practice, as well as giving students the opportunity to manage projects that are often group-based.

It also means adopting a common DNA that is founded on the values of Sharing, Humanity, Courage, Responsibility and Commitment.

At Excelia, succeeding in your studies is not just about academic success. The relationships you forge during your time in higher education are often the key to a lifetime of success.

Excelia encourages its students to develop a sense of commitment and awareness of others by carrying out civic and humanitarian projects in France and abroad.

Expérience Excelia Bogdan
Expérience Excelia Bogdan
Expérience Excelia Bogdan

An Excelian shares his story...

To tell you all about the Excelia EXperience, who better than an Excelian to share their story with you! Over a period of several days, we followed Bogdan, a student on our La Rochelle campus… enjoy his story! 

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