Excelia Business School: La Rochelle, Tours, Paris ...

Working within the different regions and focussing on its areas of expertise, Excelia continues to develop its programme offer in Tours and is expanding to Paris.

city-center-tours-excelia-groupQuality and diversity of high-level education... This is what the stakeholders in the Val de Loire region are looking for, and this is exactly what Excelia can offer as an educational establishment holding national and international accreditations and being a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles.

One year after the launch of Year 2 of its Master in Management programme in Tours, the entire programme will now be available, to include Years 1 and 3, with specialisations being offered on a work-study track.

In addition, Excelia Business School will be launching a second programme in Tours, with Year 1 of its Bachelor in Business scheduled to start in January 2021. The region of Tours is extremely rich culturally and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000.

However, until now, no study programme in tourism management has been available! A gap in the market that has been filled by Excelia Tourism & Hospitality School with two programmes being gradually rolled out from January 2021: the Bachelor in Tourism & Hospitality Management and the MSc in International Tourism Management and Destination Management. Learning Expeditions, known as "Best of France", will be organised for all students, with the aim of immersing them in the heart of France's heritage and some of the most visited emblematic sites in the world, located along the route Paris-Tours-La Rochelle-Cognac-Bordeaux and Périgord.


Another significant partnership has been forged, with Excelia Business School's BBA International being launched in Paris. On 27th April, an agreement was e-signed (due to the health situation) with ISIT Paris, the Institute of Intercultural Management and Communication. The intercultural and multilingual expertise of ISIT Paris will provide added value to the BBA International, which already benefits from a strong international reputation and dimension. From the start of the 2020 academic year, Year 1 of the programme will be available 100% in English.


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