Campus 2023... it's already underway!

In 2023, the Rugby World Cup will be held in France. It was with this in mind that Campus 2023 was created.

This apprenticeship training centre initiative (CFA) aims to produce the next generation of sports industry professionals.

Within the framework of Campus 2023, Excelia is in the process of applying to set up apprenticeship training units in La Rochelle, Tours and Orleans.


Campus 2023The Public Interest Group #France 2023 launched this CFA initiative

With the intention of capitalising on such an important sporting event and contributing to the skills development of some 2023 learners! These students, 50% female, 50% male, all under the age of 30, will be trained for 23 months, alternating between their school and a designated sports facility. 




During the 3 months of the tournament,

these young adults will be given the opportunity of working with #France 2023 and the French Rugby Federation, experiencing the tournament "up close and personal"!

Furthermore, the three qualification-awarding programmes (equivalent to one year, three years and five years of post-High School education), validated by France Compétences and nationally recognised, are not exclusively for rugby, but for the sports industry as a whole, an economic force in its own right!


Perfectly located in "rugby country",

Excelia Executive Education, concurrently with its programme "Sports Marketing and Development Manager", has taken a logical step in positioning itself alongside Excelia's Applied Schools.

More about the programme

Subject to a positive response to their application, starting in September 2021, Excelia Executive Education will be able to welcome apprentices, in small classes of 15, on its study tracks "Sports Facility Coordinator" (equivalent to 3 years of post-High School education, a Level 6 qualification) and "Sports Facility Management" (equivalent to 5 years of post-High School education, a Level 7 qualification).


A further benefit is that these new study tracks may be able to offer the possibility of a certified BSc or MSc double qualification.

"With our irrefutable experience, our knowledge of the stakeholders involved and the links with our Applied Schools, we are able to offer these new programmes through our partners OPCO and Pôle Emploi job centre with the aim of professionalising the sports industry within our regions", explains Thierry Andrieu, Head of Corporate Partnerships and Continuing Education. "Enhancing the employability of apprentices by offering them the possibility of a total of 26 months of work-study, mean that their vocational integration will be both assured and sustainable."

Obtaining a qualification is like scoring a try... however, securing a job is like converting that try!