An ambitious recruitment campaign in september 2020

Nine new research-active Faculty members, with outstanding profiles, will be joining Excelia. It is with great pride that we welcome them to our School on 1st September!

Excelia embarked on an ambitious recruitment campaign for the start of the 2020 academic year to further strengthen its Faculty, its research activities and projects, all of which are central to the School's overall strategy. After the triple crown of accreditations we are pround to welcoming them from the next academic year ! 



Research-active Faculty Member – HR & M Teaching Department

elise goiseau

I did a joint PhD at Macquarie University (Sydney) and Paris Dauphine University. I obtained the Australian PhD in June 2020, and I will defend my French thesis at the end of September 2020.

I have taught at Dauphine, Macquarie, Polytechnique and EM Normandie in the following subjects: Organisational Behaviour, Human Resources Management, Cross-Cultural Management, Organisational Theory and Strategic Management.

My work focusses on cultural interaction. During my thesis, I studied the cultural adaptation of French and American financial auditors and research-active Faculty in Australia, using the concept of Cultural Sensemaking. More generally, I am interested in the concept of otherness within organisations. I use qualitative methods and my approach is more concerned with the interpretative paradigm.

In September 2020, I will be joining the HR and Management Teaching Department of La Rochelle Business School as Assistant Professor.



Research-active Faculty Member – Supply Chain, Purchasing & Project Management Teaching Department

clément desgourdesI spent 6 years as a Production Manager, firstly at Schaeffler, an automotive supplier (2008 - 2011) and then at an Amazon logistics centre (2011 - 2014). In 2015, I began my career in teaching and research as a contractual PhD student and then as a Temporary Teaching & Research Fellow. My main teaching areas have been Project Management, Production and Quality Management as well as the supervision of collective and individual projects.

My research work focusses on the roles and behaviours of key players in times of change: study of the processes of adopting change; study of the influence of managers on their employees (leadership, sensemaking, sensegiving); assessing employee attitudes towards change (well-being at work, commitment and attitude towards change). 

In my work, I generally use a mixed methodology.

I obtained my PhD in Management Science in 2019 and I am very pleased to be joining Excelia Group in September 2020 as Assistant Professor in Project Management. As I am still in the early stages of my teaching and research career, I am certain that my work will be further enriched by future collaborations with all other Excelia teams.



Research-active Faculty Member – Strategy Teaching Department

peguy ndodjangIn 2016, I obtained my PhD in Economics from the University of Montpellier. I started my professional career as a Research Assistant at the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (2012-2015). I then worked as a Temporary Teaching and Research Fellow at Aix-Marseille University (2016) and at the University of Perpignan (2017-2018). Most recently, I worked as a Contract Lecturer at the University of Guyana (2018-2019). 

In 2017, I qualified in Economics and my desire to further humanise Homo œconomicus has led me to become interested in behavioural and experimental approaches to Economics. My research work is centred around two main themes: the first one focusses on the behavioural biases of economic agents that can be applied to several fields (the Environment, Social Norms, Public Policies, etc.); the other focusses on Personnel Economics with a particular interest in the impact of Information and Communication Technology on workers' behaviours. I have completed two research residencies at Chapman University in California (2013) and Burgundy School of Business (2014).

I will be joining Excelia's Strategy Teaching Department at the start of the 2020 academic year as a Research-active Faculty Member.



Research-active Faculty Member and Head of Teaching Department – Marketing Teaching Department 

After graduating from ESCP Business School, I spent the first part of my professional career working for major industrial groups (Pechiney, SCA Packaging, ICI) initially in international sales and marketing, and then in global key account management.  

Sylvie LascosteI then obtained my agrégation (civil service competitive examination for certain posts in teaching) in Management Economics, followed by a PhD in Management Science in 2010, and an HDR qualification (to advise doctoral students and oversee research) in 2017.

As a specialist in B2B Marketing, and strategic client/supplier interaction (author of Management des Grands Comptes published by Pearson Education), I am also interested in the Digital Transformation in the B2B sector.

I am regularly published in academic journals such as Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, etc.

I will be joining Excelia Group on 1st September 2020 as Head of the Marketing Teaching Department at La Rochelle Business School.


Christian HADDAD 

Research-active Faculty Member – Finance Teaching Department

christian haddadI obtained my PhD in Corporate Finance in 2017 from the University of Lille and SKEMA Business School. My research interests centre around topics related to Corporate Finance, Banking and Entrepreneurship with a methodological focus on quantitative approaches. I have taken part in many conferences in France and internationally (AFFI, EFMA, FEBS, ALE), and my research papers have been published in leading ranked journals such as Small Business Economics, Public Performance & Management Review, and International Review of Applied Economics. I began my career as a research-active Faculty member in 2013 when I joined the LSMRC research centre of the University of Lille as a contractual PhD student in charge of Higher Education. Over a period of several years I gained extensive experience in both research and teaching, and I taught Finance and Accounting courses in both French and English. During my thesis, I worked at the University of Trier in Germany as a visiting PhD student, spending 6 months co-authoring a research paper on FinTech Emergencies, which was submitted to the German Ministry of Finance. After defending my thesis in 2017, I then spent 2 years at EDHEC Business School as a Full-time Researcher. I will be joining La Rochelle Business School in September 2020 as an Assistant Professor in Finance.



Research-active Faculty Member – Supply Chain, Purchasing & Project Management Teaching Departmentt 

liliane carmagnacI will be obtaining my PhD from ESCP Business School in Paris in September 2020 and I will be joining Excelia Group at the same time as Assistant Professor in the Supply Chain, Purchasing & Project Management Teaching Department.

My research work focusses on Sustainable Development Management in the Supply Chain and my current research activities centre upon the food and cosmetics industries. 

Prior to my academic career, for some ten years I worked in the cosmetics industry in Brazil as a Project Manager in the Operations and CSR Departments. My practical experience has given me the necessary skills to enrich my academic work and teaching style, drawing on numerous examples from the real business world. 

As a ‘Sustainability Enthusiast’, my goal is to raise awareness of contemporary issues, whilst communicating the importance of instilling sustainable choices and behaviours at every stage of the Supply Chain.



Research-active Faculty Member – Supply Chain, Purchasing & Project Management Teaching Department

tarik saikoukI graduated from the University of Technology of Troyes in 2009 with a degree in Industrial Systems Engineering, before obtaining a PhD in Management Science in 2013 from the University of Grenoble-Alpes (UGA). Following a first professional experience of 3 years spent at the IAE of Grenoble as a contractual PhD student in Industrial Logistics, I joined the International University of Rabat in Morocco in 2013, as a Research-active Faculty Member and developed several educational programmes in Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Operational Excellence. I worked extensively with Moroccan companies on issues related to SCM, particularly in the automotive, aeronautics and food-processing industries. I work with companies to provide tailor-made training modules in Lean Management and Logistics Audit. I will be joining Excelia Group in September 2020, as Associate Professor in Supply Chain Management. My research, mainly empirical, focusses on the relational dynamics within the supply chain, the supply chain maturity of companies, and the development of ‘Toyota Kata’ practices to maximise the potential of Lean Management in companies.


Cécile EZVAN 

Research-active Faculty Member – Strategy Teaching Department

cecile ezvanAs an MBA graduate from ESCP and having obtained a PhD in Economic Philosophy at the University of Lyon, I am delighted to join Excelia as Associate Professor in Strategy, CSR and Business Ethics. During my thesis, I worked at ESSEC, within the CODEV Enterprise and Development Programme, then as a postdoctoral Research Fellow and Lecturer at ESCP, within the Circular Economy Chair. My work is centred around corporate responsibility and sustainable business models (Sustainable Finance, Circular Economy, Social Impact Business Models). My thesis, which I began in India and then defended at the University of Lyon in 2018, focussed on the values of work and relational capacities, analysed from an ethical and managerial angle, based on Sen and Nussbaum’s capability approach. Before joining the academic world, I spent some ten years as a strategy and economic development consultant for private companies and government bodies within France, then for the Hachette Publishing Group as Head of Digital Development, working in France and abroad.



Research-active Faculty Member – Accounting and Finance Teaching Department

jean moussadouI hold a PhD in Management Science from the University of Paris Dauphine and an HDR qualification (to advise doctoral students and oversee research) from the Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO).

My pedagogical expertise lies in Corporate Finance and Market Finance.

In general terms, my research work focusses on the analysis of investor behaviour on financial markets, with a particular emphasis on equity portfolio managers.

My current research deals with the understanding of the digitisation processes of the service offer in the banking and finance industry.