Graduation Ceremony 2024: Congratulations to all our graduates!

A spectacular ceremony!

On Saturday 25th May, the annual graduation ceremony for all of Excelia's programmes  took place at the Zénith in Paris , with over 4,000 attendees… graduates and their families!

The ceremony is a very symbolic and important rite of passage, a vibrant gathering from which everyone emerges invigorated.
And, this year’s was a veritable show organised for our graduates to let them know just how much they are a key part of Excelia’s strength and its continued success in climbing the international rankings!

The ceremony highlighted the importance of the collective awareness and positive energy emanating from the school as a result of the diversity of the students’ talents, backgrounds as well as their academic, professional, and association-based experiences.


Graduation Ceremony 2024
Graduation Ceremony 2024 4
Graduation Ceremony 2024 2
Graduation Ceremony 2024 1
Graduation Ceremony 2024
Graduation Ceremony 2024 6
Graduation Ceremony 2024 8
Graduation Ceremony 2024 7
Graduation Ceremony 2024 5
Graduation Ceremony 2024 3


Excelia Alumni… supporting and guiding graduates as they begin their professional life

Cérémonie de remise des diplomes

Our newly graduated students are sure to receive all the help they need for a successful transition into the world of work! They will be joining a network of over 43,500 former students located in 150 countries who themselves have been shaped by their time at this leading school... a school that students select with good reason!

The Excelia Alumni Association boasts a team of 50 people working daily to facilitate the employability of our graduates, to foster their professional mobility, and to federate a community around the values of sharing and mutual support between the entrepreneurs, managers and decision-makers of the companies that make up Excelia Alumni.

More about Excelia Alumni

The Association’s mission
  • To provide a range of tools, services, and professional guidance for each stage of an Excelian’s life
  • To provide advice and coaching for job hunting
  • To offer assistance and coaching for career reorientation
  • To facilitate interaction and communication among Excelia graduates
  • To create and maintain links between working graduates and Excelia students
  • To plan and organise professional and social events to strengthen such links
  • To disseminate job and internship offers, often from within the network itself
  • To raise awareness of Excelia so as to facilitate professional integration and career development
  • To offer the opportunity to get involved in the development of Excelia
  • To strengthen the influence and scope of activity of Excelia Alumni on an international level


Choosing Excelia for your studies means becoming part of a close-knit family, supporting you through the major stages of your life. 
We would like to wish all our graduates every success and hope that their experience at Excelia will enable them to fulfil their professional and personal aspirations

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