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Excelia Alumni graduate association comprises...

  • a team of 50 people (volunteers and paid employees) who, on a daily basis, work to improve your employability, your professional mobility and create a community
  • more than 43,500 graduates
  • 2,000 members

By creating a strong link between the graduates of all Excelia's programmes and year groups, Excelia Alumni aims, above all, to be a springboard to employability and professional mobility.

This Association will remain with you throughout your professional life: the community of entrepreneurs, business leaders and decision-makers that welcomes you, all embrace the same values of sharing and mutual aid. This strong bond unites our Alumni transcending year groups and worldwide frontiers.

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An important link enhancing employability

Created in 1991, today, our Association acts as a fundamental link between the 43,500 graduates of our Higher Education Group. Forming a real juncture between student and professional life, this organisation offers, on an international scale, the opportunity for Group graduates and student members alike to keep in touch with each other, and to have access to exclusive job offers and specialised events.

With the main objective being developing the employability of graduates and creating opportunities for sharing and discussing ideas together, the Association has become a major actor in the life of our Group.

The Alumni missions are manifold
  • To provide a range of tools, services and professional support adapted to every stage of life
  • To offer job search advice and coaching
  • To provide advice and coaching for those seeking reorientation (with experienced graduates)
  • To facilitate discussions between the Group’s graduates
  • To create and maintain links between graduates in their professional lives and the Group's current students
  • To develop and organise both professional and fun events to strengthen links
  • To disseminate job and internship offers, often emanating from the network itself
  • To help publicise the Group so as to assist vocational integration and professional career development
  • To offer the possibility of getting involved in the development of Excelia
  • To extend the influence and activity of Excelia Alumni association, internationally

Key figures

  • more than 43,500 Alumni
  • across 150 countries
  • more than 100 annual events  
  • 50 volunteers



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For further information about the Association or to get in touch with a member of Excelia’s graduate network: +33 (0)5 16 19 62 66 +33 (0)6 08 75 36 82



Your representatives:

Sandy Micheneau - Head of Student Relations/Alumni, Excelia
Aurélie Bonneau - General Manager, Excelia Alumni
Marine Deshayes - Communication Manager, Excelia Alumni
Mathilde Mignot - Content Manager, Excelia Alumni
Maelys Verdenet – Business Developper, Excelia Alumni
Pauline Vieux – Communities & Event Manager, Excelia Alumni

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