And the winner is...

The elections clearly captivated our students, with 878 students voting


The Student Services Office (BDE) is essentially the cornerstone of the various student associations of a management school. It sets the tone for the year ahead, and a dynamic BDE is synonymous with flourishing clubs and associations! Its role is to help new students to settle in and also to enliven the campus during its entire term of office.

On the programme… all sorts of events such as induction weekends, student parties, outings, trips, and much more!

The different campaigning teams won’t all have the same values, ideas and initiatives, so when the time comes, it’s important to take an interest in the BDE elections… and vote for your favourite team!


Following a successful Student Services Office (BDE) campaign, the Élixir team has come out on top for the 2021-22 academic year.



"I was delighted to work on this campaign with the BDE, the Communications Department and Student Life, and I would like to thank the teams who gave their all and showed their excellence both in terms of content and presentation"

exclaimed Camille Janvier, campaign coordinator and an MiM Year 2 student on the Association Management track.


"Despite the current circumstances, students showed great interest in the elections right from the start", she added.

Last November, five teams of Year 1 students put themselves forward, competing in various online challenges, until a panel made up of members from the Heritage team selected two finalists in December... Lux Aeterna and Élixir.


These two teams have been promoting themselves since the beginning of February.

During "Service Week", the teams offered a Click & Collect service for anything ranging from taking out the rubbish to sending a message to students on work placements or on expatriation, the aim being for students to get to know each other... and all this whilst respecting current barrier gestures!

Next came a week of association-based challenges. The aim was to promote other associations through activities with a serious theme (road safety, wearing a mask, etc.) but addressing them in a fun way.

Campaigning days then took place from 1st - 4th March, with each team having two of these days to organise various events and competitions, both digital and hybrid... which took the form of a game show for Lux Aeterna, and cookery courses and live music for Élixir.


Last but not least, the final debate between the teams took place on 5th March,

during which they answered questions from students about how they envisaged association life, the induction weekend, the gala, the ski weekend, other new projects, etc.

All students were involved in the debate including those on expatriation, on work-study, our international students, as well as those in Tours and Orleans.

With more than 300 students participating in the discussions, and some 1,400 views on replay, enthusiasm is clearly contagious!


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