Rentrée climat ... a start of year focussing on the climate, because change is accelerating!

The aim of Rentrée Climat, an initiative of the Fresque du Climat association, is to raise awareness of climate issues amongst tens of thousands of students, within all higher education establishments that have been invited to join the scheme. 

At Excelia, it will take place on the 11th September for students in Years 1 and 2 of the Bachelor in Business.This Rentrée Climat offers an excellent introduction in terms of content for the Bachelor in Business, on which, Lucile Ouvrard, as Head of programme, has been working hard over the last 18 months, designing it to be increasingly environmentally-oriented. What could be better than a game to understand climate issues! Some 40 cards are divided into 5 piles that the game host progressively introduces throughout the workshop. The participants have to work as a team to find the links between cause and effect in order to recreate the climate fresco... the Fresque du Climat. 

rentrée-climat-excelia-groupThe association of the same name provides the School with the necessary support to train the 10 teachers or coaches/tutors who, having become game hosts, will work with the students on 11th September. A first training session took place on 3rd July, and a second will take place on 4th September, providing the future game hosts with experience in team-building and the mechanics of the game. 

On the day itself, the students will be divided into small groups of six, and during the 3-hour workshop, they will each create their own fresco. In addition to encouraging integration, this teamwork activity allows them to develop their collaborative intelligence, so as to gain an insight into climate issues and understand the impacts of our individual and collective behaviours. "This is a precursor to the Climacité© project, an initiation to raise students' awareness before leading them on to positive action and preparing them for lessons", explains Claire Lecard, Head of Experimental and Personal Development for the Bachelor in Business, and organiser of the event for the School. 

If you aren't on the Bachelor in Business, don't be jealous. "If this Rentrée Climat proves a success, it could well be utilised in the long term for all Excelia students...", states Lucile Ouvrard hopefully. 


More information about the "Fresque du Climat"