Liberty, Equality, Diversity

On 14th & 15th November, Excelia Group hosted the conference of the Diversity Commission of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE). Two days of contemplation, deliberation and analysis to guide our students and to promote action and involvement faced with this important challenge in today's society.

As a reference in the world of higher education, the CGE comprises some 285 members, including 227 Grandes Écoles, which are major Business Schools in Engineering, Management, Architecture, Design, Political Studies etc. For this conference, its Diversity Commission, chaired by Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi, Dean and President of ESSEC Business School, brought together some 100 participants, students and professionals alike. They certainly needed to put their heads together to address the issue at hand, because the road ahead is long and challenging. Gender equality in the workplace, discrimination of every kind, diversity in pedagogy... all subjects that have gained momentum in recent years. "As a responsible School in its local environment, and with a strong awareness of current issues facing our society, we must make diversity and equal opportunities a strong focus, not just in the future but right now, in our everyday activities," stresses Jean-Pierre Dumazert, Diversity Advisor for Excelia Group.

Workshops and working groups were organised around the three key themes of Gender Equality, Disability and Social Diversity. The results of a questionnaire "Gender, training and professions", conducted by the Association Française des Managers de la Diversité and the CGE, were presented during a plenary session, and time was set aside for the students and professionals to exchange productive ideas, and to share experiences and good practice. Whether already committed to these issues or simply just aware of them, everyone realises that it is going to take a lot of time and a lot of energy. We all need to be conscious of the fact that diversity has to be monitored on a daily basis to avoid disturbing statistics taking root, such as... 72% of household tasks still being carried out by women!