We may be sitting in front of our own computer, but we are all certainly united in action! In lockdown once again, but determined as ever, the entire Excelia community is rallying together to further strengthen links... this is our PACTEbyexcelia.

"PACTE" is a neat little acronym for Plan Anti-Covid Tous Ensemble (united against COVID plan), an initiative developed by an organising committee with the aim of being carried forward by the entire Excelia community.





The principle is to strengthen three of the key elements that students expect in our business School: "health and personal well-being" (wellness), "education", "experiences"... which are the fundamentals!

Given the diversity of the situations experienced by our students, we must applaud the attentive approach of the Sentinel Unit, which helps to identify any problems or issues, and then refer them to the right people.




A solid foundation

The experiences encountered during the first lockdown led to the implementation of a plan which is already up and running, providing a range of measures to fight against isolation.

This has enabled us to take a very proactive approach to this latest lockdown and to strengthen our actions by setting up working groups focussing on:

  • Wellness... through, for example, "live" sophrology, as if you were actually there, yoga with an Excelia graduate, meditation workshops via the Petit BamBou app, an almost perfect dinner Bureau des Arts style, etc.
"The idea is to take care of yourself," explains Arlette Maréchal, Director of Student Affairs, "and also to take care of the community by sharing photos, recipes and hobbies - from creating music to building a house to e-sport - and to find sources of inspiration and fulfilment!"


  • Education... through pedagogical continuity - which is working well indeed! To ensure even more interaction and vigilance regarding students falling through the cracks, additional tools will be implemented, such as more classrooms equipped with cameras. And tutorials will continue, helping students develop and maintain good working habits.


  • Experiences... even remotely, with internationalisation at the heart of the programmes and the employability of students as a main focus, particularly in the current context of a weak economy.
"We are there for the students, we're doing everything we can to ensure that they have a successful experience, such as 'mirror' lessons, i.e. a lesson in a partner university, viewed in your own home"


Insists Sébastien Chantelot, Director of Excelia Business School, while Pascal Capellari, Director of Specialist Schools, is already thinking about launching a solidarity initiative amongst our Alumni, to encourage the recruitment of young graduates or interns.



worth noting is the strong involvement of the Clubs and Associations, providing a link via social networks and as project leaders. Because, let's say it again, anyone can be a project leader: Faculty, Students, Alumni, Employees, Partners... all your initiatives are welcome!

PACTEbyexcelia is like a permanent lab, dedicated more than ever to enhancing the life of our community!