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a focus on the Tourism Industry!

Tourism is one of the most dynamic sectors of the world economy (10% of global GDP) and, according to the UNWTO, is an industry unaffected by economic crises.

Capital recently interviewed Marie-Virginie Connac, Head of the Bachelor programme at La Rochelle’s Tourism & Hospitality School, the first French School to have been awarded the United Nations UNWTO.TedQual certification.

Marie-Virginie Connac presented the 3 main challenges of La Rochelle Tourism & Hospitality School:

  • The environmental and societal challenge
  • The digitalisation and innovation challenge
  • The customer experience challenge

For more than 15 years, La Rochelle Tourism & Hospitality School has been training students in applied management for all sectors of the industry: travel, tourism, hospitality and catering, event management, heritage, transportation, leisure and sport, and public sector tourism.

The School works at the heart of the local economy whilst retaining a strong international dimension. The Charente-Maritime region is one of the top tourist destinations in France and represents a real experimental laboratory for students through the numerous partnerships developed. Always ensuring a global vision is an important element of the programmes on offer: students can undertake 100% of their programme in English, are required to learn 3 languages, carry out academic expatriation, undertake internships abroad… whilst living and studying on a multicultural campus.

For the full interview (in French)