Brillant Blazes a brilliant trail from one student association to another!

From the BDA-Bureau des Arts (the Arts Office), to the BNEM-Bureau National des étudiants en école de management (National Office for Management School Students), we follow the journey of Orlane Brillant, a 20 year-old-student in Year 2 of the MiM English Track, President of the BDA, and Head of Communications for the new BNEM. Time to look back on a conversation (wearing masks, of course!) in the comfort of the BDA's offices.

Olarne Brillant InterviewYou returned to School on the 17th August. Why so early?

The Association Management Track (for Association Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Treasurers, etc.) organised a seminar in mid-August, providing us with training and support for taking on our varied responsibilities, particularly important in the current health context.

We will be presenting our projects to our Head of Programme and members of the Associations, from 15th- 17th September, hoping that they will give us the green light.


Most of the students have only just returned. What's the latest?

On the 14th September, we presented the BDA to Year 1 students, who had the opportunity to ask questions. We are, of course, always available to answer any questions about our particular Association and our various Clubs.

In fact, the BDA is one association, with 6 clubs (dance, drama, music, oenology and gastronomy, DJ's, and a club whose aim is to organise a music festival). This year's theme is "Interculturalism", which students will have the opportunity to experience through the various art forms and events.


How did you come to take on responsibility?

As far as the BDA is concerned, Emma Gallenne (Vice-President of the BDA) and I had already worked together, and we wanted to head up the Association and have the opportunity to live a unique managerial experience through the arts.

For the BNEM, the project was created from a student initiative, its "triptych" being... unite, represent, impart. Arthur Lange, President of Excelia's BDE (Student Services Office) and myself are part of the BNEM team, in the roles of "Délégué aux affaires privées" (Personal Affairs Delegate) and "Responsable communication" (Head of Communications) respectively. We are also founding members.

Excelia students are represented on the BNEM Board of Directors by Louise Proust and Sébastien Bourjac, a 2-person student team, like all those from the other 20 Schools represented.

The BNEM meets a real need as far as students are concerned. If you wish to join the BNEM or would like more information, don't hesitate to contact us. You can also follow us on social media: Facebook and LinkedIn


All this requires a lot of coordinating! Do you have any regrets?

On the contrary, the more I get into it, the more I realise that I did well to say "yes" to these responsibilities. We expected this workload but the experiences and the people we meet really motivate us!


Do you have a final word for the School community?

If you'd like to join the BDA or would like to suggest projects relating to interculturalism, don't hesitate to get in touch with us (FacebookInsta).

For the BNEM, we would be delighted to welcome you! Whether you have just joined Excelia Business School or are in your final year of a Master programme, you can get involved at any point!