2020 Financial Times World Ranking of Masters in Management: Excelia Business School now features amongst the top 50 in the world and is ranked 10th major Business School in France

The Financial Times has today published its world ranking of the best Masters in Management (known in France as the Programme Grande École). Excelia Business School is now ranked 48th in the world for its Master in Management programme.

+ 18 places

Excelia Business School has recorded the third highest increase in ranking position worldwide, and the highest increase amongst French Business Schools. It is ranked 10th best French Business School, in a worldwide ranking that has been reduced to 90 Schools (compared to 100 last year).


  • Ranked 5th worldwide for the ‘international course experience’ of its programme

A major strong point since its initial appearance in the Financial Times ranking, Excelia Business School has, this year, yet again recorded a one-place increase for the international dimension of its programme (‘international course experience’ ranking). It has moved up to 5th place worldwide.

  • Strong progression in the criteria related to careers of its graduates

One of the unique elements that makes the FT a world reference is the importance it places on the graduates themselves. In this respect, Excelia Business School is proud to see that its average graduate salary, 3 years following graduation, has increased to $60,400, compared to $53,600 last year. Furthermore, their salary percentage increase, over the course of 3 years, is also on the rise, increasing from 38% (in 2019) to 42%. Their careers have also been evolving rapidly, resulting in a 29-place increase for the School in the ‘career progress’ ranking.  


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