Integration days for international students 2022-2023

Excelia extends a warm welcome to its international students by organising integration days both at the beginning of the academic year in September/October and for the later start date in January/February. 

This year we welcomed 380 international students during our integration events known as ‘Welcome Days’ which are organised each semester by Excelia's International Office. The purpose of these events is to help our new international students, whether on exchange or not, settle into their new environment. Since the start of the 2022-2023 academic year, two ‘Welcome Days’ events have been organised, one in October during Semester 1, and another in February during Semester 2.

Our Welcome Days include… 


  • a welcome beverage 
  • a presentation of the administrative procedures in France and the social security system
  • a presentation of some useful tips on how to settle in; the involvement of the Student Services Office (BDE), as well as ADRIEM, an association for the development of international relations among students from around the world
  • an opportunity to discover the school and the campus
  • an introduction to the Buddy Scheme which enables new international students to be paired with students who have already been at Excelia for at least one year

We aim to provide our international students with valuable support to ensure they start their life at Excelia in the best possible way!
These events are the perfect opportunity to discover all the essential and practical information for a successful start to life in France.
These important days are now organised on several of our campuses.

A fun start to student life

After the serious presentations... it’s time for some fun! Each year, the International Office invites our new international students to join in a specially designed integration event.
For the October Welcome Days, students had the opportunity of spending an afternoon on the Île de Ré participating in a team tournament. And for the later start date in Semester 2, there was a change of programme with an afternoon at the Cabanes Urbaines, involving climbing and a number of sporting challenges.

The perfect occasion for students to get to know each other and enjoy some wonderful moments together!

Excelia… we’re here to help!

Interested in studying in France? 
We can provide you with the essential information on France, Excelia, how to apply, how to prepare for your arrival, and so much more!

Find out more


Check out the video of our October 2022 Welcome Days event on the Île de Ré!

A look back at our February 2023 Welcome Days event at the Cabanes Urbaines!

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