Living Environment

La Rochelle… an established student city

La Rochelle achieved first place in the category ‘Medium size cities’ and came second in the criteria ‘Attractiveness’ thanks in particular to the significant increase in student numbers over the past 10 years*.  As a naturally beautiful city and a city that has been a pioneer for many years, La Rochelle is also popular thanks to its university campus of which the Group is one of main figureheads. In addition, Charente-Maritime was voted the second most popular ‘département’ by the French**. 

Excelia Group was established almost thirty years ago in the Minimes area of the city, an environment which offers ideal study conditions for students, year after year. In addition, this attractive environment has also encouraged many start-ups to choose the Minimes as their base. Located near the biggest pleasure port in France, the student campus comprises 19 different higher education establishments with some 12 900 students. With an ever-increasing population, this area of the city is home to a wide variety of different study programmes and courses… an ideal location for the connected generation.

* Ranking of Student Cities 2016-2017 L’Etudiant
** Study undertaken by Kantar TNS, May 2017

Movement and innovation

Students who have chosen La Rochelle already know that this maritime city can also be enjoyed in the evening, in particular around the Old Port. Offering a packed calendar of cultural and sporting events simply reinforces the fact that La Rochelle is a great place to live all year round. In addition, La Rochelle has long been recognised for ‘innovation’. The city was a pioneer in France in terms of creating ‘pedestrianised zones’ and offering electric vehicle hire, and was the first place to launch a city bike hire scheme. La Rochelle has always been appreciated for its desire to stand out and today the city, located right at the heart of the new region, ‘New Aquitaine’ also benefits from a strong socio-economic dimension.

A dynamic job-creating economy

As part of New Aquitaine, the largest region in France, the conurbation of La Rochelle combines a dynamic economy with the ability to continually generate employment. From the boating industry to the food-processing industry, from digital technology companies to communication, tourism or transport companies… the local economy is made up of more than 12 000 companies and public organisations. Offering the best chances for success and excellent professional prospects to all students, both French and international, La Rochelle is a great city to live in and to study in.

A safe and pleasant city

La Rochelle has cultivated the art of living together and strives to reinforce a sense of solidarity between its citizens. In today’s world, with increasing tensions between different communities and a volatile international scene, La Rochelle remains a peaceful city where there is a strong feeling of safety and security.