As a university city par excellence, La Rochelle attracts students, teachers and lecturers from all around the world. On the city campus, this cultural diversity constitutes a veritable richness, where different experiences can be shared.

International students represent 21% of the student body

The Group welcomes some 3 800 students, 950 of whom were international, representing 78 different nationalities.
In addition, 44% of the teaching faculty is made up of international research lecturers and business lecturers.

This international element represents a genuine asset for the entire ‘community’ of our Group, introducing different cultural aspects and international experiences, thereby enabling a better understanding of business… on a global level. It also provides us with the opportunity of developing professional skills that are in line with both the issues facing, and the needs of, international companies.

International experience – an integral part of our programmes

All students at Excelia Group will live an international experience during their studies, ensuring they develop open-mindedness. This unique experience will enhance their CV and open doors to even more professional opportunities.
Whether improving their language abilities, expanding their academic knowledge, developing their skills, strengthening their existing competencies or simply living an intercultural experience… students always return from their international experience with a greater maturity. As a result, their employment prospects can only be enhanced. In accordance with the opportunities available and each programme’s conditions of expatriation, students are guided and assisted in their choice of destination and specific project. 

Exchanges or double degrees

In addition, students have the opportunity of other different experiences such as international academic expatriation where they can study in one of our 170 partner universities for either a semester or an entire academic year. There is also the option of studying for a double degree or perhaps choosing the ‘multi campus’ track. 

For students wishing to study at a European university, there is the possibility of applying to the Erasmus+ programme for a grant.

Internship abroad

Carrying out a company-based internship abroad is an excellent opportunity for international experience, in which students encounter first-hand the different styles of management and company structures around the world, as well as understanding the issues they face. 
Should students decide to remain in Europe, there is the opportunity of applying to the Erasmus+ programme which has the advantage of offering them a grant to help with the associated costs of living abroad whilst carrying out their internship.


Humacité©, as a compulsory element for most programmes offered at Excelia Group, offers students the opportunity to leave their ‘comfort zone’ and see how others live. This human experience, unique in its kind, involves undertaking a humanitarian, social or civic project, assisting those in need. Since its creation in 2005, Humacité© has seen our students take part in altruistic, voluntary projects for hundreds of different associations throughout the world.

Partner universities

A wide choice of host universities
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Excelia Group has some 17 500 graduates, ‘Alumni’, spread over the 5 continents.

As an association, Alumni Le Réseau, the Group’s graduate network, focuses on both the employability and professional mobility of its members. However, there are also many moments of conviviality during which members can discuss various topics and share ideas and experiences.

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