Meeting between tourism
professionals and students

Last Friday, the Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality welcomed 8 professionals from different sectors of tourism, Open-air Hospitality, Catering, Air, Hospitality, Local and Regional Community, Tour Operator, Cruise, Spa and Thalassotherapy, for business conferences to discuss the development strategies of these business sectors in a competitive world.

Some of those present were:

  • Bruno TOLA - General Manager, Hotel Spa Casino, St Brévin
  • Stella NICOLLEAU - Manager, Camping Huttopia, Ile de Ré
  • Emmanuel FOURNIS - Catering Consultant and Maître d'Hôtel
  • Sylvain MORIN - Sales Director, Thalasso Relais Group
  • Lionel PACAUD - Manager of Ile d’Oléron Marennes Tourism
  • Sébastien GIDON - Trainer at Air France, Chief Steward
  • Anne-Christine MARTINOT - Company Manager of incoming tour agency Langue, Culture et Découverte

All Year 3 students were not only able to attend a conference but also to benefit from additional contacts for their internship, or job search, through the network of these professionals.

©Emmanuel Fournie, lecturer in catering, consultant and Maître d’Hôtel, with his group of students​


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