Interview: Pascal Capellari - BSc in Real Estate Management


In September 2021, Excelia will be launching a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Real Estate Management, in La Rochelle and Tours. It will be a comprehensive one-year programme training students to become versatile and operational real estate professionals. Pascal Capellari, Director of Applied Schools, explains the advantages of this new programme.


Bachelor Immobilier - Pascal CapellariWhy was this new Bachelor of Science created?

The world of real estate is continually changing, and this means that the companies which make up this industry sector are demanding new skills (in Data, in IT, but also in communications and in negotiation) and are placing more emphasis on versatility.

Furthermore, if only locally, La Rochelle and Tours are dynamic locations which need experienced professionals.


Who are you targeting with this programme?

The programme is open to those who have already validated 2 years in post-High School education and looking to specialise, to those with a BTS or IUT qualification in sales techniques, to those with a degree in management, as well as to those coming from law school, or even those with a BTS in Real Estate or a BTS in Notary Law. The BSc in Real Estate Management has been designed with a focus on two professions:

  • Rental Property Management on the one hand, and Real Estate
  • Working in property management companies, real estate agencies or real estate development companies.

What are the key benefits of this BSc?

This one-year programme, corresponding to Year 3 of a first degree, has been developed in partnership with the IMSI (Institut du Management des Services Immobiliers), a specialised School with over 20 years' experience in real estate management education, located in Lyon, Paris and Toulouse. This enables students to obtain a double qualification (equivalent of 3 years of post-High School education) that is State-certified and registered RNCP Level 6

The lecturers on the BSc come from the world of real estate, from independent agencies as well as larger organisations, and provide a valuable link between the students and real life in the industry. In addition, a body of experts will form an External Review Committee to validate the vision and steer the development of the programme, whose objective is the employability of its graduates.


It's a specialised programme, which also appears to be general...

Indeed, the BSc offers hybrid expertise... it's a real estate programme but with a business and management school approach.

Alternating with real-life business experiences, the pedagogy has been adapted to cover all aspects of management and sales professions: consulting, analysis, sales negotiation, promotion, rental management, etc. 

In other words, 400 hours of lessons to master the relevant know-how be it legal, technical, commercial, management, project management, regulatory or taxation... and not forgetting the lessons in applied English!


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