Have you heard about LRA?

Excelia Academy, Excelia's preparatory School, offers foundation and preparatory programmes aimed at French students who wish to change their study orientation, as well as international students. The Bachelor Foundation Year is among the courses on offer that provide students with the necessary fundamentals to enrol on the Group's Bachelor- and Master-level programmes, and in 2020, it will include some interesting changes.

This is the fourth year that this preparatory course for the Group's Bachelor programmes has been offered, providing students with the fundamentals of company management and administration, and culminating with 60 ECTS credits upon completion of the 4½-month fast-track. Following this, students can join Year 2 of a Bachelor programme of their choice. In addition, this Bachelor Foundation Year offers students personalised support and guidance, orientation workshops and courses in French and English.

New for 2020! Not only can students start in February, on an English track, but in 2020 they can opt for an 8-month track, starting in September/October.

Another evolution is the introduction of a more active approach to pedagogy, so as to rekindle students' interest in studying by using a project-based learning method. Organising a workplace learning expedition, using drama to study foreign languages, or even initiating students in a business game... the overall approach is clear: sustainable, circular, unified and responsible!

"Green", as a common theme, is also part of the new offer from January 2020: the Winter School will offer a 4-week course in International Supply Chain Management & Strategy as well as a 2-week course in Corporate Social Responsibility & Environmental Issues. These winter courses are in addition to the existing Summer School courses which include Fashion Design, carried out in English, and French as a Foreign Language (FLE) encompassing themes such as Culture and Gastronomy. The courses are open to all students, of all origins, both young and old. In fact, one of the most surprising students at La Rochelle's French Language Institute has been a Japanese gentleman of... 92 years of age!

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