European Disability Employment Week


Little-known? Misunderstood? Familiar? Recognised? A disability can take many forms and is not always visible. From 16th to 22nd November, European Disability Employment Week provides an opportunity for Excelia's disability representatives to organise events so as to raise awareness... something which is vitally important.

Do you know what a "dys" disorder is? Sometimes, even the people concerned are not aware that they have dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysphasia, etc. Little-known by students and teachers, these disorders and their effects are very common. To highlight this issue, a video directed by Mehdi Mellouk, a La Rochelle filmmaker, and written and performed by students from the Del'Artfact drama association, will be broadcast on your screens in both English and French.

This production is sponsored by Agefiph (an association to facilitate vocational integration for those with disabilities), which is also providing a short educational film on the types of disability and how to recognise them. A poster campaign illustrating the many facets of disability in everyday life will further contribute to the awareness sought by the organisers.

The disability representative for students (for the past 7 years), Carole Peyre, a Lecturer in Law, and the disability representative for employees, Sylvie Le Roux, HR Development Manager, are working together for the first time, and are using the Arts to get their message across. For example, information panels at the School, on both the Coureilles and La Sole campuses, will display a photo-reportage, produced in partnership with the Messidor Association, about four disabled people who have returned to everyday life, after a major setback, and who are working in different local organisations.

Not only will this awareness week be artistic, it will also be fun, with the Handipoursuite game, an online quiz about legislation, typologies, famous people with disabilities, etc. Not at all intimidating... and guaranteed to be very informative!

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