COVID Information: to the students of Excelia

Dear Students,

Last night, the French Prime Minister clarified the details of the lockdown period that has just started.

Excelia's Management Committee, which met this morning, has put in place all possible arrangements to ensure that each and every one of you receive the necessary support.

You will find details of these arrangements here


As of this morning, all lessons will be carried out remotely, with no face-to-face lessons taking place before 1st December.

Access to Excelia's campuses will be by appointment only (by contacting the different services listed below), for the following:

  • students experiencing difficulties with internet connection: rooms will be made available on the La Rochelle Coureilles campus, in strict compliance with barrier gestures. Details of available rooms will be posted at the campus entrance.
  • student associations: a maximum of 2 people per day and per association will be allowed on site, in strict compliance with barrier gestures.

Checks will be carried out at the entrance to the campuses, with the aim of fighting against the spread of the virus. You will therefore be asked to provide proof of ID (a legal obligation).

To offer you the best possible support, these are the services that will maintain a daily presence on site: 

  • Switchboard – to answer all your questions and advise you appropriately (telephone:
  • Your programme Teams – for any questions relating to your studies
  • Student Life – for any questions relating to daily life and community life, as well as any questions about financial difficulties ( )
  • International Relations Department – for any questions relating to international mobility (mail sent by your programme)
  • Sales Administration – for any questions relating to tuition fees (
  • IT support – for any problems involving connection to online lessons (
  • Médiathèque – accessible by appointment only (

With regard to catering facilities, for those students who have been granted permission to come onto the campus, vending machines will be installed on the Coureilles campus. In addition, the University Restaurants (RU) will remain open, offering take-away meals. Further food distribution campaigns will be organised.

The nurse will remain available by phone, and by appointment on site, for any medical or psychological difficulties (  and

Please be assured that your School is fully committed to helping you get through this period, and to ensuring the best possible conditions for all. There is no need to feel alone and cut off... keep in touch, hang in there, we are here if you need us.


Keep safe and stay healthy