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A springboard to future employment

« As Head of the Masters of Science (MSc) at La Rochelle Business School since 2014, Pascal Capellari af-firms that the Masters of Science (MSc) offered by the Group are a veritable springboard towards future employment. »
Masters of Science (MSc) (Bac+5)

Capellari PascalCareer-orientated Masters of Science (MSc)

With AACSB accreditation and open to students who have already studied in higher education for 3 years, the Masters of Science (MSc) offered by La Rochelle Business School are aimed at all future professionals who wish to contribute to defining strategies for tomorrow’s businesses. In one unique programme, the Masters of Science (MSc) combines all the benefits of a Business School with the advantages of its partner universities. Theory and practice converge to create flexible and pragmatic decision makers.

Conscious of providing students with programmes that are in harmony with the needs of today’s businesses, the Masters of Science (MSc) offers 13 specialisations, each one responding to a specific need. Examples of these specialisations include Sustainable Development, Luxury Marketing, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Banking, Tourism, Business Management, Audit & Consultancy etc.

Furthermore, each programme has been developed in collaboration with a partner establishment (University of Littoral Opal Coast ULCO Boulogne sur Mer, IAE Poitiers University Management School, IMIS-ESTHUA at the University of Angers) offering the possibility of obtaining a University Master Double Degree and/or a Certified RNCP Level 1 qualification (equivalent to 5 years of post-High School studies). Finally, the partnership with the ESG-UQAM School of Management offers all successful students major international recognition.

Our students join the MSc for many reasons, but particularly due to its specialisations. The teaching faculty are experts in their field and transmit their skills and knowledge in a practical manner”, emphasises MSc Head of Programme Pascal Capellari.

Strongly focussed on the business world, the Masters of Science (MSc) offered by La Rochelle Business School aim to develop the capacity of each individual to work in a team within multicultural environments. During the programme, particular emphasis is therefore placed on entrepreneurship, with the aim of providing students with the necessary tools to understand and react to an ecosystem in perpetual evolution.


Innovative teaching that breaks with convention

Offering tailor-made tracks which cater for the aspirations of each student, the Masters of Science (MSc) at La Rochelle Business School are available in both French and English. The year groups are of a manageable size, with some 30% being international students, proving the appeal of the programme.

Aiming for excellence, we offer selective programmes. And at the end of it? Some 85% of those graduating find a position within 6 months”, adds Pascal Capellari.

This successful vocational integration can be explained not simply by the teaching itself, but also by the overall approach to the programme on a daily basis. Research professors and visiting lecturers ensure that they develop the students’ essential technical skills and also instil in them a sense of business professionalism. Whilst it is relatively easy to understand certain economic mechanisms, it is more complicated to develop them and apply them within a team, especially when it is a multicultural one. This is the strength of the Masters of Science (MSc) offered by La Rochelle Business School.

We have created a training programme which is as demanding in its form as in its content. We guide and assist our students in the development of their ‘soft skills’, that is to say their behavioural qualities, because it is in this field that competition is the fiercest”, the MSc director points out.

The Masters of Science (MSc) offered by La Rochelle Business School are demanding, offer various specialisations and provide a global outlook. They aim to educate future leaders who are flexible, inquisitive and ready to invest in a high-potential programme. Particularly suitable for students wishing to strengthen their skills through specialisations, the Group’s Master programmes have been designed to open doors to job positions of responsibility both within France and abroad. To find out more about the programmes, please use the link below or contact us.

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