Our Mission

The Group is a key player in the development of its local area and region.

In a rapidly-changing world, full of complexity and uncertainty, the Group’s mission is:

  • to offer degree programmes and executive education that enable…
    • students and interns to acquire all that is necessary for future employment, such as the required technical skills, cultural knowledge and the human element, by assisting them in the development of their personal and professional project.
    • businesses to recruit the perfect employee for their future development as well as offering current employees the opportunity to enhance their competencies in line with the evolution of their job.
  • to contribute to the development of management skills and knowledge and to ensure their dissemination in both the academic and corporate worlds.
  • to contribute to the development and promotion, both nationally and internationally, of its local region through its networks and the development of its areas of expertise (environmental management and tourism) which play a fundamental part in the regional economy.