Florence WINKLER

Professeur assistant
Florence WINKLER
  • Department Strategy
  • Areas of research SME Internationalisation Strategies, Regional Integration (Asia-Pacific), Tourism & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Teaching fields Internationalisation Strategies, International Trade, Geopolitical Risk Management, Strategic Business Game


Dr Florence Winkler obtained her Doctorate in Economics, in 1999, from the University of Paris 13, specialising in the monetary and institutional economic dimensions of the integration of East Asian countries.

She then spent 12 years in the private sector: initially as a Project Manager at the MEDEF (national confederation of French employers), working with the Chief Financial Officer, then for MEDEF International, where she was Manager for Asia, and then as Assistant Manager for Asia-Pacific. Her role here was to put French companies in touch with local economic and political decision-makers in order to develop international economic relations. Within this framework, she managed a large number of major events, such as annual international meetings, bringing together professionals and politicians, as well as having the opportunity to travel extensively within the region.

Dr Florence Winkler joined Excelia Business School, in 2011, as an Assistant Professor, to head up two of the Group’s international MSc specialisations: International Business Management, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. A year later, she also took on responsibility for overseeing Experiential & Personal Development for MSc programmes, a position she still holds today, in parallel with her teaching and research work.


- PhD : Economic, monetary and institutional dimensions of the East Asian countries' regional integration
- Asian Regionalism in the Asian Crisis ", Mutations Asiatiques, No. 13, March 1999
- "Economic, Political and Monetary Dimensions of Regional Integration in Asia", Third World Review, t.XXXIX, No. 156, December 1998
- "Regional Integration in East Asia", Asia-Research, No. 13, February 1998
- "The integracion economica en Asia del Este", Ciclos Review, Buenos Aires, n ° 14/15, October 1998
- Contribution to the CCEF survey "China outside the walls" on Chinese investments in Europe and France - published in February 2014
- CCMP teaching cases:
* G1860 (2015) - Tauzia: Creating an innovative offer for the Indonesian Hotel Industry
* GI0005 (2016) - Monin: ASEAN, capitalizing on regional integration in Southeast Asia
* GI0022 (2018) - Les P'tits amoureux : Can US and Chinese markets save a primo-exporting company in the "French Gourmet Products" industry ?