• Department Finance
  • Areas of research Corporate Governance, Corporate Reporting, Sustainability Reporting, Managerial Accounting
  • Teaching fields Accounting, Cost Control & Budgeting, Fundamentals of Management Control, Corporate Governance and Ethics


Originally from Turkey, Dr Ali Uyar obtained a Doctorate in Management Science, specialising in Finance and Accounting, in 2007, from Marmara University in Istanbul. An expert in Accounting, he holds the prestigious international Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification from the Institute of Management Accountants in New Jersey (USA).
For many years, he has been teaching modules in the extensive domain of Accounting (from Financial Accounting to Corporate Governance, Management Accounting and Balance Sheet Analysis) for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, whether face-to-face or distance learning.

Dr Uyar's research has led to more than 50 publications in leading academic journals, book chapters and books, in collaboration with other international researchers. He is also editor of more than 20 peer-reviewed journals, has supervised numerous dissertations and co-produced articles with his students.

He has always been particularly interested in working in multicultural environments and, in addition to having collaborated with several universities in his home country, has significant international experience, having been a Professor in Kuwait, Poland and Hungary.


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