Emmanuel RENAUD

Professeur associé
Emmanuel RENAUD
  • Department Culture and Contemporary Issues
  • Areas of research Ageing and the Workplace, Organisational Loyalty, Standardisation and Pedagogy
  • Teaching fields Sociology and Organisation Theory, Dissertation Research Methodology, Epistemology, Information Systems, United States


After working in a number of different jobs, enabling him to continue his studies, Emmanuel Renaud spent one year working in Paris as a Consultant for a recruitment agency. Then, in order to finance his thesis in Political Sociology at the Sorbonne, he joined the ECG Group in Orléans, initially as Head of Year 1 Students, then as Head of the Technical Department. His passion for computer science led him to oversee and develop the School’s IT systems. He defended his thesis in 1995, then continued his career at Excelia Business School from 2000, as a Lecturer in Sociology, Methodology, as well as in the field of Information Systems. His experience in this domain has greatly contributed to the development of the Group's own information systems. In addition, he participated in the publication of the Dictionnaire du marketing, by Editions Hatier, under the direction of Olivier Badot, Professor at ESCP-EA. Having spent several periods in the United States in the 1990s, he also teaches History of the USA.

Now an Associate Professor, passionate about American literature, photography and cycling, he enjoys gardening, particularly working in his own organic vegetable garden.