Philippe OGUET

Junior lecturer
Philippe OGUET
  • Department Languages and Civilizations
  • Teaching fields French as a Foreign Language (FLE)


Philippe Oguet grew up in both France and England, which explains his passion for languages from an early age. He began his career in the Netherlands (where he stayed for 15 years) after graduating as a Translator-Interpreter from the Dutch School of Languages in 1986. During his time there, he worked with local universities, the EU Court of Justice and the Collège de France. It was also at this time that he became a proof-reader for publishing houses, and began to teach French as a Foreign Language (FLE), first for the Alliance Française, and then for various Chambers of Commerce and other private institutes.

Philippe Oguet specialises in the teaching of diplomatic French, and has taught government officials, Dutch royalty, ambassadors and senior personnel of the World Health Organization (WHO).
Upon his return to France in 1994, he joined Excelia Business School, as an FLE Lecturer. In this role, he teaches Business French, Oral and Written Communication, and French Culture & Society to international students.

Creative by nature, Philippe Oguet particularly enjoys the theatrical aspect of the classroom, and every year, his students create a play (in French!) that they perform in front of the other students of the Group. Furthermore, he is passionate about writing, with some of his short stories having been published by Le Bord de l'eau, and he regularly writes poetry.