Professeur Emérite
  • Department Marketing
  • Areas of research Art, culture, luxury, design, museums, NTIC, Smart Cities, Wines
  • Teaching fields Marketing


Joëlle LAGIER is professor emeritus (Phd and HDR) in the Marketing department at Excelia Business School. Graduate of EM Lyon and member of CERRIM and IRGO laboratory, University of Bordeaux IV-Montesquieu, her main research topics are on consumer behavior in the field of arts, culture and tourism. Her more specific fields of investigation concern aesthetic perception and experience in the fields of art, design and luxury as well as museum practice observed in adult and child audiences. Mobilizing more particularly today on the impact of new technologies in this context, she works in partnership with other internationally renowned institutions, such as the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa and the research group Art, Culture and Education at the Percro Laboratory with his colleague Nicola Bellini. Her two most recent publications deal with culture, tourism and smart cities as well as communication on wines with regard to the new amendment to the Evin law, alongside a book entitled: “ Cultural and creative organizations: evolutions and mutations ” published by Editions ISTE in 2020 and numerous articles in scientific journals such as Décisions Marketing, International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management and International Journal of Arts Management.


Lagier, J. et Guintcheva G. (2018). Comment gérer et développer un loisir perçu comme complexe ? Le rôle des dispositifs digitaux dans la stratégie muséale familiale. Congrès AFM, Strasbourg, France.

Lagier, J. et Godey, B. (2018). Why are some objects more appealing than others to consumers? Development of a measurement scale of aesthetic style for design products. Global Marketing Conference, Tokyo, Japon.

Lagier, J. et Ranfagni, S. (2018). Luxury brand identity and heritage in transition in luxury capitals : the case of Christian Dior. Global Marketing Conference, Tokyo, Japon.

Ben Asr, I., Hallem, Y et Lagier, J. (2017). Quel est le rôle de l’application mobile dans la valorisation de l’expérience muséale ? Management et Avenir, 92 (2), pp.87-108.

Lagier, J. et Rimaud, M-N. (2017). Cas Le Louvre du XXIème siècle. Dans S. Hertrich et U. Mayrhoffer (dir), Cas en marketing, 2e édition, Editions EMS. Ouvrage labellisé FNEGE 2018.