• Department Marketing
  • Areas of research Customer-Supplier Relations; Power in BtoB Relationships; The Impact of Digitalization in BtoB Relations; Sales management
  • Teaching fields Marketing BtoB - Procurement - Sales management & strategic customer management - Digital transformation in BtoB


After graduating from ESCP Business School, I spent the first part of my professional career working for major industrial groups (Pechiney, SCA Packaging, ICI) initially in international sales and marketing, and then in global key account management.

I then obtained my agrégation (civil service competitive examination for certain posts in teaching) in Management Economics, followed by a PhD in Management Science in 2010, and an HDR qualification (to advise doctoral students and oversee research) in 2017.

As a specialist in B2B Marketing, and strategic client/supplier interaction (author of Management des Grands Comptes published by Pearson Education), I am also interested in the Digital Transformation in the B2B sector.

I am regularly published in academic journals such as Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, etc.

I join Excelia Business School as Head of the Marketing Teaching Department.


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