Professeur associé
  • Department Finance
  • Areas of research Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting, Market Liquidity and Financial Economics.
  • Teaching fields Principles of Accounting, International Accounting, IFRS, Advanced Accounting, Budgeting & Cost Accounting, Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, Treasury Management


Dr Majdi Karmani is an Associate Professor in Finance, and has been Deputy Head of the Finance Department since 2014 at Excelia Business School.

He obtained his Master Degree in Management from IAE Bordeaux at the University of Bordeaux, followed by a Doctorate in Management Science from the same University. His fields of expertise include Financial Accounting, International Accounting, Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance, subjects which he teaches across the different undergraduate and postgraduate programs offered by the Group.

Before joining Excelia Business School in 2012, as Assistant Professor, Dr Karmani also worked at the Universities of Bordeaux and La Rochelle.

His main research activities are related to Financial Reporting, Corporate Governance, Market Liquidity and Financial Economics. He is the author of several articles published in peer-reviewed journals.


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