Jean-Pierre DUMAZERT

Professeur associé
Jean-Pierre DUMAZERT
  • Department Human Resources & Management
  • Areas of research Management
  • Teaching fields Leadership, Management, HRM


Before joining the world of Higher Education, Jean-Pierre Dumazert worked for nearly 15 years in HR Consulting for medium and large companies. In particular, he was HR Director on a number of contracts, advising on major projects that focussed on Change Management and HR Process Standardisation.

Initially, he started working intermittently at university establishments, focussing on HR topics, before obtaining a DEA qualification in 2005, followed by a Doctorate in Management Science in 2009, at the Paul Valéry University in Montpellier, specialising in Human Resources.

Dr Dumazert joined Excelia Business School in 2010 as Associate Professor. One year later, he became Director of the Human Resources and Management Department, a position he still holds today. In addition to management and teaching responsibilities, from 2014 to 2018 he was also Head of the Diversity & Talent Chair. He has been a member of the French Foundation for Management Education (FNEGE – Fondation Nationale pour l'Enseignement de la Gestion des Entreprises) since 2014, the Group's AFMD (Association Française des Managers de la Diversité – French Association of Diversity Managers) point of contact since 2016 and, the School’s point of contact for Diversity issues since 2019, working in close collaboration with the HR Department to develop and implement measures related to the fight against discrimination as well as equality between men and women.

A great believer in the creativity of his students, Dr Dumazert happily promotes teaching methods that reduce the amount of time spent on screens and telephones, in order to stimulate creativity, to involve the whole group and inspire team spirit.


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Hennekam S., Syed J, Ali F. and Dumazert J-P. (2019). A multilevel perspective of the identity transition to motherhood », Gender, Work and Organization (CNRS 3 ◦ FNEGE 3 ◦ HCERES B), 2019; 1–19, John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Hennekam S., Peterson J., Tahssain L. and Dumazert J-P. (2018). Managing religious diversity in secular organizations in France. Employee Relations (CNRS 4 ◦ FNEGE 3 ◦ HCERES B), Vol. 40 Issue: 5, pp. 746-761.