Professeur assistant
  • Department Human Resources & Management
  • Areas of research Human Resources & Management, Learning (taking into account singularities of the individual between control and autonomy, taking into account singularities of the individual in learning)
  • Teaching fields Organisational Behaviour, The Fundamentals of Human Resources, Human Resources Management, Management and Leadership


With a passion for computer science, Valérie Cordier began her higher education with a DUT qualification in Computer Science in 1988, followed by a Master qualification in Computer Engineering from the CNAM.

In parallel to her CNAM studies, she began her career as a developer, then project manager and service manager for IT service companies. At that time, she was already training adults in programming, office automation and information systems, both for her clients and for other companies.

She joined Excelia Business School in 1997 as a Lecturer, whilst continuing to impart her passion to other schools and public and private organisations, such as the University of La Rochelle, Rochefort and Saintonge Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Ford, Jaguar etc.

Valérie Cordier has also been an IT consultant, assisting companies in database development and website creation, in particular during her one-year expatriation to French Polynesia. She has also created internal management tools and contributed to the development of Excelia's intranet and e-learning projects.

After taking up various responsibilities within the School (notably as Joint Head of the ICT Department, whose objective was to coordinate the teaching of IT across all the programmes, Pedagogical Head of Year for the Master in Management programme, Internal Quality Auditor, Student Tutor), and convinced of the importance of humans in any organisation, Valérie Cordier joined the Human Resources and Management Teaching Department of Excelia Business School in 2012 and is embarking on a Doctorate, on a subject combining IT, learning, human resources and management.

Currently a research-active Faculty member and Assistant Professor in Human Resources Management, Valérie Cordier passed her thesis in Management Science, in May 2020, on how to take into account the singularities of users in learning, and aligning the use of new information systems with unprecedented operational situations.

With a love for the city of La Rochelle, for several years she has been involved in many groups and organisations such as the Francofolies French Music festival and the city centre neighbourhood association, for which she started as an active member and has since become Chairman.