Professeur associé
  • Department Strategy
  • Areas of research Entrepreneurship & Social Entrepreneurship, International Strategic Alliances, Knowledge Generation and Transfer, Design, Innovation & Supply Chain Management, User Experience Design
  • Teaching fields Strategic Management, Initiation to Research, Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Dr Mourad Chouki obtained a Doctorate in Management Science from the University of Lorraine in 2012. His research focusses on the design of visual artefacts and the generation of new knowledge.

Before joining Excelia Business School in 2018, as Associate Professor (the year he obtained his qualification as University Lecturer), he worked for several years as a sales manager and project manager for various industrial companies specialising in energy transition and the installation of thermal networks.

With co-authors from varied backgrounds, Dr Chouki is regularly published in peer-reviewed journals (both in France and internationally). In addition, he has recently taken an interest in UX (User Experience) design in order to integrate user needs into the heart of corporate strategy.


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• Bahri Korbi, F., Said, K. et Chouki, M. (to be published in 2019), Quel(s) rôle(s) peuvent jouer les artefacts dans l’amélioration de l’intercompréhension au sein des alliances asymétriques ? Revue internationale PME. [CNRS 4 FNEGE 3 HCERES B] (accepted 08/03/2018)

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• Bahri Korbi F. et Chouki, M. (2017), Knowledge Transfer in International Asymmetric Alliances: The Key Role of Translation, Artifacts, and Proximity, Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol.21, Issue: 5, pp.1272-1291 [CNRS 4 –FNEGE 3 – HCERES B, 2016 Impact Factor 2.053* 5-year Impact Factor (2016): 3.293*]

• Chouki, M. et Persson, S. (2016), La médiation par les artefacts visuels : une source spécifique dans la génération des connaissances nouvelles en situation ?, Management International, Vol.20, N°3, p. 2737. [HCERES A – CNRS 3 – FNEGE 2]

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