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Dr. Ilias P. Vlachos is currently Research Professor in Supply Chain Management at La Rochelle Business School, France. Prof. Vlachos has over 20 years in academia. Ilias has extensive experience working with top UK and global universities: Associate Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Management in Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds, UK (top 10 in UK; top 100 globally); Reader in Logistics & Supply Chain Management at Newcastle Business School (top 100 in UK) and also in Liverpool University (top 20 UK) and other universities in Europe and China. Prof. Vlachos holds a Ph.D. from Cranfield University, UK where he studied with full scholarship.
Prof. Vlachos has extensive research and leadership experience. Ilias has served as Research Degrees Director in Management Division of Leeds University Business School and various leading positions, including Manager of Research and Enterprise Development Programme at Northumbria University, Chair of International Conferences, and Scientific Responsible of several EU funded programmes. Prof. Vlachos has published over 120 articles and studies including 4* and 3* ABS journals. Ilias has supervised to completion PhD and currently supervises PhD in topics including supply chain management and sustainability.
Prof. Vlachos has published in the top journals (JCP, TM) in 2 different scientific fields (Sustainable Development & Tourism Hospitality), and 5 articles in top 7 in 5 different scientific fields (Sustainable Development, Tourism & Hospitality, Artificial Intelligence, International Business, & Transportation). His latest articles appeared in Journal of Cleaner Production, International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications, Production Planning & Control: The Management of Operations, Expert Systems with Applications, Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, and Tourism Management.
Prof. Vlachos has extensive experience working with leading companies in food, agriculture, and other industries. Companies include Morrisons, SAP, Unilever, P&G, and many more. He regularly educates executives on topics including supply chain management, lean thinking, supply chain strategy, use of IT/ERP technologies and innovations in supply chain and more.
Prof. Vlachos is member of European Technology Platform ´Food for Life´, Scientific Working Group on Sustainable Food Processing and Packaging that works closely with European Commission and key partners of EU food industry to shape the Strategic Research Agenda that promotes innovation in Europe. ´Food for Life´ recently gain a multi-million research project (H2020) to shape the future of EU food sector.