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Ali Uyar holds a PhD in Accounting and Finance; his main field of study is Accounting. He holds prestigious international CMA certification granted by IMA (USA). He has already taught a range of modules in the broad area of accounting such as financial accounting, intermediate accounting, cost accounting, managerial accounting, financial statement analysis, corporate governance, advanced cost accounting, advanced managerial accounting, and advanced financial accounting both in undergraduate and graduate level as well as both in-class and online sections. His main research avenues center around management accounting, corporate reporting, sustainability reporting, and corporate governance. His research has led to more than 50 publications in journals, books, book chapters in collaboration with overseas researchers. His major contribution to the profession is that he acts as ad-hoc reviewer of more than 20 peer reviewed journals. He has the experience of supervising and mentoring graduate students to the completion of their thesis and producing publications with them. He is interested in working with diverse populations in multicultural environments. In addition to having worked at several universities in his home country, Turkey; he has very interesting international experience. He has worked in Kuwait as full time professor, and has also been visiting professor in Poland and Hungary.

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