• Pôle Stratégie
  • Domaines de recherche - Production and operations management, particularly the behavior and performance of various types of production and assembly lines - Supply Chain Management - Renewable energy - Applications of management science in industrial and service organisations
  • Domaine(s) d’enseignement Ph.D. in Management Science, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, England. Operational Research, University of Sussex, Brighton, England. B.A in Commerce, Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq.


Dr. Sabry Shaaban received his PhD in Management Science from Sheffield Hallam University (England) and MSc in Operational Research from Sussex University (England). For many years, he served as an associate professor at ESC Rennes (France). In September 2010 he joined ESC La Rochelle (France) as a full research professor in the Department of Strategy, where he teaches courses in operations management, and production and inventory management . He taught as a visiting professor at Thunderbird Europe (Geneva Campus), Temple University (USA), and a host of other business schools in France, Switzerland, Germany and Egypt.