Professeur associé
  • Pôle Marketing
  • Domaines de recherche Management of the customer's experience in the digital age, Mental imagery and the consumer's psychological process Online Tribal Marketing Quantitative Methods in Marketing
  • Domaine(s) d’enseignement Principles of Marketing Market research Experiential Marketing Digital Marketing Research methodology Innovation marketing Big data and data mining Services Marketing


Imed Ben Nasr is an Associate Professor of Marketing. He is director of the MBA Digital Marketing and collaborative Strategies and the MBA of Luxury Marketing and Customer Experience Management. He is also member of the innovation committee in pedagogy of the school.
Dr Imed Ben Nasr received his master’s degree in Management from Toulouse School of Management, followed by his Ph.D. in Marketing from University of Bordeaux. His fields of expertise include Digital Marketing, Experiential Marketing, consumer online behavior, Tribal Marketing, Market research and quantitative methods in marketing. He teaches those subjects in the different programs of the school: Master in Management, Bachelor, Specialized Master and MBA Programs.

Professor Imed Ben Nasr joined La Rochelle Business School as an Assistant Professor of Finance in September 2009. Prior to joining La Rochelle Business School, he was a Researcher & Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Toulouse. In the past, he has worked as a Business Analyst in AC Nielson and data analyst in an E-commerce company.

His main research activities are related to the management of the customer's experience in the digital age, mental imagery and the consumer's psychological process, quantitative methods in marketing. He is the author of several articles published in peer reviewed academic journals and case studies published in the center of case studies and pedagogical medias.