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    La Rochelle
  • Accreditation
    • RNCP Level II
  • Qualifications
    • Bachelor (3 years of higher education)
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Aurélien Ferlito
Head of the Bachelor ​​​​​​​in Web Design programme Aurélien Ferlito

The digitalisation of business activities across all sectors is giving rise to new jobs and skills. The Bachelor in Web Design is based on the experience and the strength of both Excelia Group and ICAN, and aims to meet this need by offering a quality and recognised professional programme.

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    Through the Bachelor in Web Design, you will learn how to build websites and develop graphic communication elements. Today, in addition to these skills which are highly sought after by companies, you will need other competencies such as excellent communication skills, artistic ability and technical knowledge, all of which form part of the programme. 

    The Bachelor in Web Design can be carried out as either a 3-year post-High School programme or a 1-year programme if 2 years of higher education have already been completed since leaving High School. The Bachelor is awarded in partnership with the institute for digital creation and animation, ICAN (Institut de Création et d'Animation Numériques).

    This 3-year programme has been developed to prepare you for the demands of the corporate world. Following Year 1, which is designed to introduce you to the world of business and internet graphics, you will progressively develop the skills required for your specific career.

    The different courses and projects are provided for indicative purposes only and are subject to change from one year to the next. The specialisations offered will only be available if the required minimum number of students is reached.


    This programme will ensure you master the fundamentals of IT and graphics, understand the different solutions for creating and managing professional websites whilst, of course, developing your skills in web design.

    The programme is project-based with theory being put into practice through case studies, business games and conferences given by professionals. In this way, you will explore each aspect of the various jobs in detail and test your skills and knowledge throughout the learning process.


    To encourage and facilitate teamwork and enhance the learning process, dedicated areas have been created for your specific use. You will also have access to many online educational resources such as Myintranet, Cyberlibris, CrossKnowledge etc.


    All courses are taught in French. You will however continue to learn English as a specific course module.

    Professional experiences

    At the end of each academic year, you will carry out a company-based internship where you will confront the realities of the job. These placements, lasting between 2 and 4 months, are often an excellent springboard for the job market.

    Work-study Track

    A work-study track can be chosen in Year 3 provided you have negotiated an employment contract (contrat de professionnalisation) with a company.

  • Courses

    Year 1

    Classic track

    • Visual Culture, Creativity Workshops
    • Typography
    • Web Interface Design
    • Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
    • Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3: Accessibility, Ergonomics and Best Practice
    • Photography: Equipment, Shooting and Retouching
    • Video: Upstream Preparation, Writing and Scriptwriting, Shooting, Editing with Premiere
    • Editorial Project with WordPress
    • Digital Marketing
    • Writing Techniques
    • Oral Communication
    • Web Semiotics: Uses and Digital Life
    • Company Visits
    • Applied English
    • Involvement in Clubs and Associations

    Year 2

    Classic track

    • Visual Culture and Graphic Design
    • Mobile Interface Design with XD and Sketch
    • UX Approach
    • Creativity Techniques
    • Use of CSS Framework (Bootstrap)
    • JavaScript and PHP
    • Photo Storytelling, Editing and Retouching with Lightroom
    • Video Storytelling
    • Motion Design with After Effects
    • Digital Marketing
    • Online Shop Project with WordPress Woo
    • Community Management
    • Natural and Paid Referencing
    • Law and Intellectual Property
    • Applied English
    • Humacité© Project (optional)

    Year 3

    Classic track or Work-study track

    • Artistic Direction
    • Data Visualisation
    • Mobile Application Design with Sketch
    • Prototyping with InVision
    • UX design
    • Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3, Advanced Positioning Methods (Flex and Grid)
    • JavaScript and PHP
    • Photo and Video Storytelling
    • Motion Design
    • Editorial Project and Online Store with WordPress
    • Digital Marketing
    • Community Management and Influences
    • Law and Intellectual Property
    • Business Creation
    • Applied English

    The different courses and projects are provided for indicative purposes only and are subject to change from one year to the next. The specialisations offered will only be available if the required minimum number of students is reached.

  • The Bachelor in Web Design is offered by La Rochelle Digital School which is part of Excelia Group. You will therefore be part of a dynamic, multicultural campus where you will benefit from the savoir-faire, the teaching resources and all the personal support tools offered by the Group. This Bachelor programme will provide you with a wealth of experiences.

    Work-study Track

    Year 3 can be carried out on a work-study track provided you have negotiated an employment contract (contrat de professionnalisation) with a company. Through this, you will gain significant professional experience whilst earning a salary and having your year of studies paid for.

    Professional Experience

    The Bachelor in Web Design has been developed to ensure that you gain a maximum of work experience to be able to enter the job market with ease. Therefore company-based internships form a key part of your programme. They can be carried out in any type of company (start-ups, multinationals etc.) and can be undertaken in France or abroad. By the end of your studies, your CV will boast between 10 and 12 months’ company-based work experience.

    Student Associations

    You have the possibility of getting involved in one of the 40 associations at Excelia Group. Working in these associations will enable you to develop your skills and knowledge in a supportive and professionally-oriented environment. In addition, it is a great way to settle into school life and experience something unique.

    Humacité© (optional)

    In Year 3, you can undertake a social, humanitarian or civic voluntary project in an NGO or an association, either in France or abroad. This is one of the unique features of Excelia Group, which is committed to educating students to become future managers who are both responsible and conscious of the importance of their role in society.

    Support and guidance

    To help you develop your professional project in a coherent way and to support you in your search for internships and employment, you will benefit from the personalised support and guidance of a tutor throughout your studies. In tandem to this, the School offers workshops structured around personal development (self-awareness and self-assertion), communication tools (such as CVs and cover letters), understanding the job market, learning about different careers and developing your professional network.

  • Graduate careers

    In a business world that is increasingly focussed on digital technology, existing jobs are evolving and new ones are being created. Experts predict that by 2030, some 50% of the jobs that will be available don’t yet exist.

    Taking full account of these predictions, the Bachelor in Web Design will provide students with the digital skills required by companies.

    Students are prepared for the following type of jobs:

    • Web designer
    • UX designer
    • Systems Integrator
    • Front End Designer
    • Community Manager


    To assist students in their search for an internship and a job position, throughout their studies they will have access to 250 digital business partners grouped together within Digital Bay and Syndicat des Professionnels du Numérique (SPN). In addition, support will be provided by the graduates from the Alumni network who work all over the world.

    In Year 3, students are offered personal support in their search for a work-study position. This support helps students identify their personal attributes: define their experiences (professional, voluntary, sporting, charitable, international) as well as their academic and professional skills. It is also an opportunity to work on a portfolio and a LinkedIn profile which companies may refer to.

  • Tuition Fees 2019-2020

    Students from within the European Union*

    Year 1 €6,500
    Year 2 €6,500
    Year 3 €6,500
    Year 3 €7,500** (work study track)

    *28 European Union members: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France and French Overseas Territories, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The United Kingdom.

    ** Tuition fees paid by the host company or financed by an OPCA (approved collection agency). The work-study track is open to all students from within and outside of the European Union

    Students from outside the European Union

    Year 1 €7,600
    Year 2 €7,600
    Year 3 €8,000

    Tuition fees are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change from one year to the next.

    Multiservice charge

    Fee: € 550

    The one-off Multiservice fee gives access to the following services: Multimedia and Internet network, Cyberlibris (online library), Student Identity Card, Reprographics credit, Intranet, e-learning modules, Wi-Fi, Career Centre activities and services, International Insurance-Assistance (for any periods spent abroad during the period covered by this contract), University library, University Medical Service etc.

    Financing your studies

    Click here for further details on the cost of studying in La Rochelle



  • Admission for international students or French students living outside France:


    The course is taught entirely in French.


    1st year

    Open to students currently studying an High School degree or international equivalent.

    Apply for the 1st year

    2nd year

    Open to students with a minimum of 1 year post-High School education or international equivalent.

    Apply for the 2nd year

    3rd year

    Open to students with a minimum of 2 years post-High School education or international equivalent.

    Apply for the 3rd year

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