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      Accredited by the French Government
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Caroline Hermet
Head of the Master in Management programme Caroline Hermet

Training students to become responsible managers, capable of operating in complex and constantly changing environments (VUCA World). Within the Master in Management programme, each student and each study path is unique. Thanks to a variety of both study tracks and experiences, you can personalise your own programme and highlight the elements of your studies that you consider the most important for your project. Although all students are awarded the same qualification at the end of the programme, a qualification that provide recruiters with a guarantee of your abilities, each of you will have had unique experiences which will be reflected on your CVs and therefore differentiate you from the next candidate.

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  • The Master in Management is a programme of La Rochelle Business School

    A Master degree

    CEFDG Visa Master


    The Master in Management is open to students who have already studied for a minimum of 2 years since leaving High School (or international equivalent). The programme trains students for business careers and prepares them to become responsible managers who are capable of operating in a responsible manner, in complex and constantly changing environments and are aware of the impact of their decisions on their environment. This highly international programme offers several different tracks and students are able to tailor their programme to reflect their personal and professional project. In line with the most demanding professional standards, this Master in Management programme is a guarantee of employability and career development.

    The Master in Management features a series of pedagogical activities, professional experiences and experiential and intellectual challenges.

    NewTours Master in Management

    La Rochelle Business School – Excelia Group opens a new off-site study location in Tours
    At the start of the 2019/20 academic year, La Rochelle Business School will welcome its first Master in Management Year 2 students in Tours. Year 3, the final year of the Master in Management, will open in Tours for the 2020/21 academic year. The programme will be taught by the faculty from La Rochelle Business School.

    The benefits of the programme

    A three-fold specialisation: the key to success

    In harmony with your professional project, you can personalise your programme through a three-fold specialisation:

    • Geocultural Zone: to learn about and understand the intercultural differences in management
    • Industry-specific: to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of the issues and perspectives of the different business sectors
    • Job-specific: to develop the necessary professional competencies demanded by today’s recruiters

    In Year 3, you have the option of further strengthening your chosen specialisation by opting for the double degree Master/MSC, MBA Pittsburg State University.

    International element: a global outlook throughout the programme

    If you have the necessary desire and inquisitiveness, the world is within your reach from our La Rochelle campus! The choice of where to go is entirely yours:

    • On our La Rochelle and Tours off-site study locations: each day, 40 different nationalities work and study together
    • Different study tracks:
      • possibility of studying solely in English by choosing the English Track
      • possibility of spending one or two semesters studying on one of our off-site study locations (Beijing or New York)
    • Academic expatriation (optional): 79 partner universities across the globe, with the possibility of studying for a double degree
    • Internships: you can choose to carry out your internships in a company abroad
    • Other unique and significant experiences:
      • Humacité©: a obligatory project at the end of Year 1, to be carried out in France or abroad. Optional for those joining the programme in Year 2 (choice of either an operational internship or a Humacité© project)
      • Cap Anglophone (linguistic and cultural immersion): a 6-week experience, obligatory in Year 1

    Preparing you for the world of work: your employability is our priority

    A minimum of 9 months of company-based internships 
    As a fundamental element of the programme, company-based experience can take different forms:

    • Work-study: A work-study track can be chosen in Year 2 and Year 3. Course content is in line with real life issues that you will experience during the time spent in a company
    • Internships: In Year 2 and Year 3, you will spend between 3 and 6 months carrying out internships
    • Gap year: You have the option of taking a gap year between Years 1 and 2 or Years 2 and 3. A gap year provides you with the possibility of even more professional experiences, whether in France or abroad

    Creating virtual companies at School

    This is the main focus for Year 2. Students are placed into groups of 10, and through a unique digital approach, they will spend the year working on the creation of a company, its management and how to deal with all business issues including company closure. At different stages of the company’s life, students have to learn how to produce various documents including requests for funding, justification of a business strategy, reaction to market data, dealing with company buy-out proposals etc. Following this assignment, these virtual companies can be converted into real-life companies.

    Support and guidance: helping you find your personal and professional path

    So as to guide you in your decision-making, a mentor will be on hand throughout your studies to help you plan and manage your personal and professional project. Concurrently, you have access to both personal development tools (such as self-awareness workshops) and professional development tools (such as CVs and interview techniques).

    Programme in detail

    Year 1

    Acquiring the fundamentals of business and management

    Year 1 focusses on acquiring the fundamentals of business and management. Throughout the year, your mentor will guide you in your thought process and decision-making concerning your choice of study track.


    This year can be studied totally in English by opting for the English Track.

    2 Foreign languages:

    • 1st Modern Language: Engli
    • 2nd Modern Language: German, Italian, Spanish
    Highlights of the year

    Cap Anglophone project
    A linguistic and cultural immersion from mid-December until mid-February (6 weeks).


    • to develop your ability to adapt to a new intercultural environment
    • to encourage key skills such as open-mindedness, curiosity, the ability to listen and to react
    • to improve your English language ability

    This experience is a key part of the international track and is preceded by a preparation module ‘How to make the most of your Cap Anglophone project’.

    This project is a compulsory part of the programme.
    You will undertake a social, humanitarian or civic voluntary project in an NGO or an association, either in France or abroad. This is one of the unique features of Excelia Group, which is committed to educating students to become future managers who are both responsible and conscious of the importance of their role in society.

    Find out more

    Student associations
    A great way to settle into school life and to help you develop team-working skills, your involvement in one of the School’s associations, sports clubs or the Group’s communication or promotional activities is a compulsory part of the programme and will be evaluated in Year 1.

    Business Game 
    Right from your arrival on campus, you will be placed in a team to participate in an induction ‘Business Game’, a project that simulates company management. The purpose of this exercise is to make you aware of the importance of teamwork, develop your decision-making capacities in an unpredictable environment and to measure the impact of your actions on the strategy of a virtual company. This will be your first management exercise and an excellent way of helping you settle into the School.

    The different courses and projects are provided for indicative purposes only and are subject to change from one year to the next. The specialisations offered will only be available if the required minimum number of students is reached.

    Year 2

    Consolidating your knowledge and starting specialisation modules

    Whilst continuing your studies in management and administration, in Year 2 you start to specialise by making your first study track choices. Gradually you will hone your professional project and choose your future orientation. Your mentor will, of course, be there to support and guide you in this process.


    This year can be studied totally in English by opting for the English Track.
    2 Foreign languages:

    • 1st Modern Language: English
    • 2nd Modern Language: German, Italian, Spanish

    The three-fold specialisation is the keystone of the Master in Management Programme. It gives you the ability of developing your professional project around a geocultural zone, a specific business sector and a specific career.

    In Year 2, you begin your choice of specialisation by selecting:

    • a Geocultural Zone:
      • Europe
      • The United States of America
      • Latin America
      • The Middle East
      • China

    This specialisation will help you learn about the different management techniques in the countries of your particular zone. You will also study the different cultural elements of the zone to enable you to interpret, analyse and understand the intercultural situations which you may experience in your future career.
    Each specialisation is taught in both French and English by experts in the aforementioned zones.

    • an Industry-specific sector :
      • Commerce and Distribution: food-processing, furniture, household appliances
      • Finance: banking, insurance, audit
      • Industry: food-processing, automobile, building and public works, boating, transport
      • Luxury: jewellery, cosmetics, clothing, hotels, leather goods
      • New Technologies: artificial intelligence, biotech, energy transition, communications, digital, e-commerce
      • Sport: sports clubs, sports bodies, sports agents
      • Tourism: hospitality, tourist destinations, e-tourism

    To strengthen your knowledge about a specific business sector, to determine the different professional environments that interest you and to understand the characteristics of this business sector in detail. Through this, you will be able to weigh up the employment potential of the sector and select your internships accordingly.

    In a team of 3-5 students, you will undertake a monitoring project, carry out interviews with industry professionals and develop an exhaustive business process map detailing… the principal players, key figures, performance factors and competitive advantages, recent evolutions, future challenges, short-term and medium-term employment prospects, key industry-specific competencies etc.



    In addition to your choice of specialisations, in Year 2 you can select a specific study track.

    In choosing this track you will improve your English language ability and prepare for your academic expatriation. Conversely, those who chose expatriation in the first semester can choose this track in order to continue to speak and improve their English.

    You can choose the work-study track as of Year 2, committing to a 24-month work-study period (Years 2 and 3). You will have to negotiate either an employment contract (contrat de professionnalisation) or an apprenticeship contract (contrat d’apprentissage) with a company. This will give you the opportunity of adding a professional business dimension to your studies by acquiring significant, real-life professional experience with important responsibility, whilst having your studies financed by the company.
    Format: 3 weeks company-based followed by 2-weeks School-based

    If you have the required level of language ability, you can select academic expatriation and study for either a semester or an entire academic year in the United States or China or in one of our 79 partner universities. If you are feeling particularly motivated, you can even choose to study for a double degree.
    For all English-speaking options, you will need to have passed a TOEFL exam (to evaluate your English proficiency for pursuing academic studies). Similar exams in other languages (Spanish and German) are also organised at the School.
    For you to get the most from this expatriation on a cultural, linguistic and personal level, we limit the number of students assigned to the same destination.

    The Master in Management provides you with equivalences in DCG (Diplôme de Comptabilité et de Gestion – a management and accountancy qualification) and teaching units 3,6 and 7 of DSCG (Diplôme Supérieur de Comptabilité et de Gestion – a leading management and accountancy qualification).
    By choosing the DSCG track in Year 2, you will study 4 additional DSCG modules:

    • DSCG Gestion juridique, fiscale de l’entreprise 1 (legal and tax administration of companies 1)
    • DSCG Droit pénal des groupes (company law)
    • DSCG Droit social (employment law)
    • DSCG Gestion juridique, fiscale de l’entreprise 2 (legal and tax administration of companies 2)

    Following this, in Year 3 you can choose to do a double degree Master in Management/Masters of Science (MSc) Audit and Consultancy, in order to complete units 1,2,4 and 5.

    Association Management
    This track is particularly aimed at students who have a keen involvement in the organisation of the School’s associations or who intend to create a business, or take over an existing one. If you choose this track, your timetable will be organised accordingly, courses will be pertinent and you will receive personalised support... in short, everything is coordinated to maximise your project’s chances of success. In Year 3, there is the possibility of continuing along this line with the Entrepreneurship track.

    Off-site study locations

    You have the opportunity to carry out your academic expatriation in one of the Programme’s 2 off-site study locations . Courses, taught by both lecturers from our partner university as well as lecturers from Excelia Group, cover a different theme each semester:

    • Semester 1: ‘Entrepreneurship’ at IONA College (New Rochelle, near New York, USA)
    • Semester 2: ‘Fast Growing Economies’ at Beihang University (Beijing, China)
    Professional experience

    For students who are not on the work-study track, there is a compulsory internship at the end of Year 2. This 3-month internship may be carried out in France or abroad and must be of an operational nature with a direct link to your studies (marketing, purchasing, management, HR etc.). The aim of this internship is to evaluate your choice of specialisations (geocultural zone and industry-specific) whilst actually in-situ as well as experiencing the realities of being in a company.

    If you join the programme in Year 2, you will have the choice of carrying out either an operational internship or a Humacité© project (for a period of 24 months for students on a work-study track).

    Consultancy Project

    A team-based competition carried out within a limited time period and centred on a real business issue. For one week, students in Year 2 and Year 3 are placed into groups of 6 and become real consultants, analysing problems and making recommendations for real-life business matters. The 3 finalist teams present their work to their fellow students as well as to a panel of judges made up of research lecturers and business professionals from the project’s sponsor company.

    The different courses and projects are provided for indicative purposes only and are subject to change from one year to the next. The specialisations offered will only be available if the required minimum number of students is reached.

    Gap year
    A gap year is optional and subject to certain conditions. The aim is to use this year to enhance your personal and professional project by carrying out internships or securing jobs that enable you to learn about, or further your knowledge of, the careers or industry sectors you have chosen.
    The different courses and projects are provided for indicative purposes only and are subject to change from one year to the next. The specialisations offered will only be available if the required minimum number of students is reached.
    Year 3

    Consolidating your professional project and choosing a job-specific specialisation

    This year will be spent honing your specialisation and finalising your professional project.


    Certain specialisations are available entirely in English.


    To finalise your professional orientation, you will select a job-specific specialisation from the following:

    • either a specialisation from the Master in Management:
      • Marketing
        • Marketing Management
        • Sales and Marketing
        • Ecommerce
      • Management
        • International Project Management
        • HR Management
      • Finance
        • International Corporate Finance 
        • Management Control
        • Purchasing and Logistics
    • or an MSc specialisation:
      • Audit and Consultancy
      • Banking, Insurance, Wealth & Real Estate Management
      • Sustainable Development, CSR & Environment
      • Digital Marketing and Collaborative Strategies
      • International Event Management
      • International Hospitality Management
      • Transformations of Tourism and Destinations
      • Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovative Business Creation
      • Commercial Engineer
    • or an MBA specialisation at Pittsburg State University

    The MSc specialisation enables you to obtain a double degree without the need of lengthening your studies.


    You have the possibility of a work-study track in Year 3. You will have to negotiate an employment contract (contrat de professionnalisation) or an apprenticeship contact (contrat d’apprentissage) with a company. This will give you the opportunity of adding a professional business dimension to your studies by acquiring significant, real-life professional experience, whilst having your studies financed by the company.
    Format: 3 weeks company-based followed by 2-weeks School-based

    The work-study track is only available for the following specialisations:

    • (MSc specialisation) Audit and Consultancy
    • (MSc specialisation) Sustainable Development, CSR & Environment
    • (MSc specialisation) Digital Marketing and Collaborative Strategies
    • (MSc specialisation) International Event Management
    • (MSc specialisation) International Hospitality Management
    • (MSc specialisation) Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovative Business Creation
    • (Programme specialisation) Marketing Management
    • (Programme specialisation) Sales and Marketing
    • (Programme specialisation) HR Management
    • (Programme specialisation) Management Control
    • (Programme specialisation) Purchasing and Logistics
    Business Game

    The objective of the Business Game is not only to further your knowledge, but also to apply the knowledge, savoir-faire and interpersonal skills that have been acquired to date. Your knowledge and competencies are assessed in a tangible, fun and interactive way, principally through drafting a management report.

    Research dissertation

    The aim of this work is to evaluate your precision and report-writing skills. Focussing on a particular business issue that you will have previously defined, you will carry out theoretical analysis, undertake research, analyse the data and put forward recommendations, with the full support of your dissertation supervisor.

    Professional experience

    For students who are not on the work-study track, there is a compulsory internship at the end of Year 3. This 6-month internship, undertaken in either France or abroad, must be of an operational and strategic nature, give you the opportunity to work autonomously and have a direct link to your professional project. This internship will place you in a pre-employment situation.

    The different courses and projects are provided for indicative purposes only and are subject to change from one year to the next. The specialisations offered will only be available if the required minimum number of students is reached. 

  • The entire Master in Management has been developed around a multitude of experiences… some compulsory, others optional. Through these experiences, you will be able to shape a unique study track that reflects your preferences and aspirations.

    Student associations

    A rich and rewarding experience

    With a focus on both collective and individual fulfilment, student involvement in the various associations is in keeping with the fundamental values of La Rochelle Business School.
    Involvement in an association is compulsory and at the end of the year you will be assessed on your contribution and commitment to the work carried out in one of the associations, sports clubs or as part of the Group’s communication or promotional activities.

    There is a variety of projects to choose from, focussing on various themes, and they include many local or even national events:

    • Welcoming students and working on School events and projects
    • Artistic and cultural activities and events
    • Development of communications and media material
    • Civic and solidarity projects
    • Sports activities and events (team sports, nautical sports, motor sports)
    • Paid projects/jobs

    Experiences for your personal and professional development

    Throughout the year, students receive general support and supervision from the team at the Student Associations Office.

    Carrying out projects within the associations develops and puts into practice the values of sharing, solidarity, commitment and respect. A great in vivo experience of leadership, project management and team spirit that will make the difference when entering the job market.

    ‘Association Management’ track

    This track is available to some fifty students wishing to invest in community life by assuming positions of responsibility. These students not only benefit from a specially-adapted timetable, but will receive training in project management and team management, and will be suitably supervised to successfully complete quality projects.

    Find out more


    Seeing the world differently

    Over and above the acquisition of new knowledge, our School aims to convey to its students the meaning of commitment and human values through Humacité© projects.

    As a cornerstone of all our study programmes, Humacité© offers students the opportunity to carry out a voluntary, social, humanitarian or civic project, in France or abroad.

    Developed as a unique experience for students, the aim of Humacité© is manifold:

    • an opportunity to leave their daily routine, to go out and meet other people
    • a maturity accelerator, helping students to become future managers with a sense of commitment, to develop their ability to become agents of change and to be adaptable
    • an ideal place for students to surpass themselves
    • a positive influence on students’ behaviour and actions in terms of citizenship, particularly civic-mindedness and team spirit

    Find out more

    Personal Development

    One of our major objectives

    Mixing educational content, sharing experiences and providing practical workshops… the Experiential and Personal Development (EDP) programme assists you with your personal and professional project.

    From self-awareness to understanding the different jobs available, from researching internship possibilities to looking at feedback, from CVs to recruitment interviews, from personal networks to professional networks… the variety of topics covered and the practical workshops are all designed with the aim of preparing you, step by step, to walk confidently towards your first job.

    Experiences to discover the world and others

    • SCAP: involvement in clubs and associations
    • Défi terrain (field challenge): Carrying out communications and promotions
    • Cap Anglophone: Linguistic and cultural immersion (6 weeks)
    • Humacité©: solidarity and civic project
    • Oral defence: Year 1 feedback on experiences
    • Operational internship (3 mois) or work-study track (12 or 24 months) in Year 3
    • Management-level internship (6 months) or work-study track (12 or 24 months) in Year 3

    Personal development workshops

    • How to embark upon your professional project: workshops and personal appointments to discuss your motivations, the development of the professional project, your networks, how you will organise your internship and job search etc.
    • How to apply for internships and jobs: workshops and personal appointments to discuss your CV and cover letters, to simulate job interviews and how you can ‘sell’ yourself
    • How to have an impact on a professional level: workshops on oral communications (ability to convince), how to succeed in the workplace, and working in a team

    Your professional project

    • Learning how to develop projects
    • Ensuring your Humacité© project is a success
    • Understanding the job market and the corporate world
    • Individual support through the recruitment Forum tutoring scheme
    • Developing and widening your network
    • Industry-specific specialisation (Year 2)
    • Career orientation week (Year 2)
    • Grand Oral GEODE (Year 3)
    • Developing a personal brand strategy (Year 3)


    Expatriation: the perfect way to develop a global outlook and to improve your job prospects

    Expatriation is a rewarding experience and an integral part of the Master in Management programme.

    • Year 1: Cap Anglophone involves 6 to 8 weeks in an English-speaking country to strengthen your professional English skills. In addition, between Years 1 and 2, your Humacité© project, which can also be carried out abroad, adds the finishing touch to this first experience.
    • Year 2: Students can opt for academic expatriation, for one or two semesters, in one of the programme’s 79 partner universities. They also have the opportunity to attend a partner university for a complete academic year in order to study for a double degree (one of 7 on offer).
    • Internships and gap year: The Year 2 Operational Internship, Year 3 Internship and a gap year may also be carried out abroad.

    Find out more


    Starting in Year 2, specific courses are available to enable you to develop your entrepreneurial and managerial skills.

    ‘Association Management’ track

    You can benefit from a specially-adapted timetable to enable you to successfully carry out your projects whilst studying. Would you like to get involved in one of the association’s projects? Why not develop your managerial skills and your ability to work in a team!


    As the central theme for Year 2, based on a simulation platform bringing together nearly 7,000 companies, this project entails developing an innovative company. You will study its market, define its legal status, develop the business plan, develop its structure, raise funds and then manage its daily running (HR, purchasing, marketing, communications) before further developing the business in France or internationally. There is even a bankruptcy and takeover simulation to teach you how to cope with all eventualities!



    At the heart of your studies

    Company-based experience is one of the fundamental elements of your studies. Essential for developing your professional project and assessing your choices of specialisation, company-based internships are the best way to put theory into practice and help you finalise your career orientation. By the end of your studies, your CV will boast between 9 and 24 months’ company-based work experience... even more if you decide to take a gap year.

    Every year, Entreprises et Carrières (companies and careers) meetings are organised where French and international companies looking for interns, apprentices or young graduates, are invited to meet our students.

    In addition, an important feature of the Master in Management is the involvement of past graduates who contribute to the programme by sharing their experience and conveying good practice as well as supporting and guiding students in their search for internships or jobs.

    Find out more

    Work-study track: a springboard to the world of work

    With a strong local network of companies, certain specialisations of the Master in Management programme can be carried out on a work-study track (12 or 24 months). The educational content of the work-study track is the same as that of the classic study track, it’s simply the format that is different.

    Choosing the work-study track is choosing to boost your professional experience. This can often be the differentiating element on a CV as it proves you have already had significant work experience. Throughout your work-study path, you will receive support and guidance from both a School mentor and an industry professional from the company in which you work. They will help you adapt to the working environment and ensure that the projects assigned to you are pertinent, reflect your level of knowledge and are carried out smoothly and efficiently.

    Find out more

  • Length of time required to secure a job

    98,6% of our graduates are in the workplace within 6 months of graduating:
    59% find a job before the end of their studies
    23% find a job after less than 2 months of searching
    13% find a job within 2-4 months of graduating
    4% find a job after 4+ months of graduating


    €38k: average annual starting salary
    €46k: average annual salary after 3 years


    85 % find a job with an international dimension
    Our graduates work in all business sectors across the 5 continents. Principal countries are: Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, Spain, China, Canada, Poland, United States of America, Luxembourg, Belgium, Panama, Chile, Ireland, Indonesia, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, India, Israel, Sweden.

    Graduates work across a number of industry sectors

    29% Sales (including Commercial Engineer)
    22% Communications, Marketing, Events
    16% Administration, Management, Finance, Audit
    12% Purchasing, Supply, Logistics
    11% Human Resources
    4% Audit, Consultancy
    2% Information Systems
    1% Research, Development
    1% Senior Management
    1% Other

    (2018 Figures)

  • Tuition Fees 2019-2020

    Students from within the European Union*

    Year 1 €10,600
    Year 2 €10,800
    Year 3 €10,800

    *28 European Union members: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France and French Overseas Territories, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The United Kingdom.

    Students from outside the European Union

    Year 1 €12,400
    Year 2 €12,600
    Year 3 €12,600

    Work-study Track

    Year 2 €11,800**
    Year 3 €11,800**

    Tuition fees are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change from one year to the next

    ** Tuition fees paid by the host company or financed by an OPCA (approved collection agency). The work-study track is open to all students from within and outside of the European Union

    Multiservice charge

    Fee: € 550

    The one-off Multiservice fee gives access to the following services: Multimedia and Internet network, Cyberlibris (online library), Student Identity Card, Reprographics credit, Intranet, e-learning modules, Wi-Fi, Career Centre activities and services, International Insurance-Assistance (for any periods spent abroad during the period covered by this contract), University library, University Medical Service etc.

    Financing your studies

    Click here for further details on the cost of studying



  • Admissions for international students or French students living outside of France:


    A motivation interview is carried out by internet via our dedicated platform (day and time of your choice).


    1st year

    Open to students with a minimum of 2 years post-High School education or international equivalent.

    Apply for Year 1

    2nd year

    Open to students with a minimum of 3 years post-High School education or international equivalent.

    Apply for Year 2

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