Florence WINKLER

Florence WINKLER
  • Department Strategy
  • Areas of research SMEs' Internationalization strategies - Regional integration - Asia-Pacific
  • Teaching fields Internationalization strategies - Global Trade - Geopolical risk management


Florence Winkler, Doctor in Economics, is Director of Experiential Studies & Personal Development of MSc and responsible of MSc Purchasing & Supply Chain Management and International Business Management. She was Asia Manager and then Deputy Director in charge of Asia-Pacific at MEDEF International between 2000 and 2011 and is France's Foreign Trade Advisor since June 2012.


- PhD : Economic, monetary and institutionnal dimensions of the East Asian countries' regional integration
- Asian Regionalism in the Asian Crisis ", Mutations Asiatiques, No. 13, March 1999
- "Economic, Political and Monetary Dimensions of Regional Integration in Asia", Third World Review, t.XXXIX, No. 156, December 1998
- "Regional Integration in East Asia", Asia-Research, No. 13, February 1998
- "The integracion economica en Asia del Este", Ciclos Review, Buenos Aires, n ° 14/15, October 1998
- Contribution to the CCEF survey "China outside the walls" on Chinese investments in Europe and France - published in February 2014
- CCMP teaching cases:
* G1860 (2015) - Tauzia: Creating an innovative offer for the Indonesian Hotel Industry
* GI0005 (2016) - Monin: ASEAN, capitalizing on regional integration in Southeast Asia
* GI0022 (2018) - Les P'tits amoureux : Can US and Chinese markets save a primo-exporting company in the "French Gourmet Products" industry ?