Professeur assistant
  • Department Strategy
  • Areas of research Corporate Social Responsibility, Voluntary standardization, operationalization and structuring of CSR in organizations
  • Teaching fields CSR and Sustainable Development, Research Methodology, Business Creation: Legal, Social and Tax Aspects, E-commerce


Nicola Screnci passed a Master's degree in Environmental Management and Management from University Lille III (Master 2 specialized in Economics and Management of Organizations).
Expert on the legal aspects of CSR and its standardization, he works on the influence of the legal corpus on CSR and its structuring in organizations' processes and their reporting. His teaching, which are provided in several of the Group's programs, focuses on these same topics.
Within the La Rochelle Business School, he has held positions such as Pedagogical Engineer and Chair Coordinator. He is also a member of the IRSI (Institute of Social Responsibility and Innovation) and referent AOL (….) on the learning goal Etique and CSR.
Since 2005, he has been writing for the AFNOR editions and an active member of the AFNOR-DDRS National Commission (Sustainable Development - Social Responsibility).