Alexandre SCHWOB

Professeur associé
Alexandre SCHWOB
  • Department Marketing
  • Areas of research I am interested in digital transformation, ie in all the ways through which digital technologies are changing people, organizations and society. I am also interested in the consumption culture, that is to say how consumption and culture (or society) are interrelated. My main mission is to shed light on the complexity, by offering keys to understand a world in constant change which becomes very much under the influence of technology and markets.
  • Teaching fields I like to teach all aspects of marketing: from relatively traditional courses (introduction to marketing, market research, consumer behaviour, international marketing, services marketing, strategic marketing...) to more recent aspects (digital marketing, CRM...).


With a PhD in marketing obtained in 2011 following studies at the doctoral program of HEC Paris, I joined Excelia groupat the beginning of the year 2019 as an associate professor in marketing after I had two professional experiences abroad. These experiences were first in Finland at Aalto University (Helsinki) from 2011 to 2015, and then in Scotland at Abertay University (Dundee) from 2015 to the end of 2018. I opened myself gradually to teaching all aspects of Marketing, and I even ran a Bachelor of Marketing and Business program when I was working in Dundee. I particularly like marketing as a discipline because of the dynamism of its practices and because of the ability of the discipline to inform directly or indirectly the understanding of social and societal changes.

In my research, I try to better decipher the ways through which information and communication technologies transform individuals and society. I then aim to humbly contribute to revisit the understanding of phenomena widely discussed in the literature whether these phenomena are on the side of individuals as consumers, employees (understanding identity issues, issues of resilience or resistance ...) or on the side of organizations (via practices such as those that can be observed in retail, branding, in the search for the quality of life at work ...). With my students, beyond doing my best to transmit competencies that are useful to future managers (in terms of knowledge, know-how and skills), I always try to convey my enthusiasm about acquisition of knowledge. I like to share a right mindset in which one likes to both understand the world in which we live, and act upon it with wisdom and sagacity.


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