Dominique REAU-DIET

Senior lecturer
Dominique REAU-DIET
  • Department Marketing
  • Areas of research Hospitality services of a touristic destination Hospitality education
  • Teaching fields Tourist consumer behavior Destination and hospitality Territorial marketing & touristic destination


Dr. Dominique Réau-Diet is the Director of experiential learning and personal development for the tourism faculty since 2011. She coordinates the experiential and personal development program (54 professional mentors in 2017/2018) for the Bachelor and the MSc students. Each student of the two programs has an individual professional mentor whose mission is to help the student in the definition of his/her personal and professional project and to ensure the follow up of the student during his/her different experiences (internship or Humacité mission). She received her Phd in Tourism Geography from the University of La Rochelle in 2003. Her professional experience covers teaching, corporate relations and program administration. Her teaching interests have covered the areas of global issues in tourism, destination management and sales, operational marketing and, in the experiential and personal development program, internship technics research. As corporate relations coordinator for the tourism faculty, she organizes the annual external review committee, composed of professional organizations representative of the tourism industry. The purpose of this committee is to improve the student employability by adapting the content of the programs to the professionals’ expectations and needs. She has also to develop a local, national and international professional network for placements and any type of professional issues which can be analyzed during the consultancy project for example. As director of experiential learning and personal development, she has the responsibility to validate the students’ internship contracts and to control the suitability of the internship mission consistency with the RNCP (French professional reference) accreditation. She also manages the Grand Oral organization for Bachelor third year and MSc second year which is the last oral exam of the student in front of a jury composed of an academic staff of the school and a professional of the tourism industry. She trains the students to make them to understand the Grand Oral challenges because the purpose of the student is to create a link between past, present and future in terms of employability.