• Department Experiential and Personal Development
  • Areas of research Possible violation of human rights of tourists by the tourism sector and the efficiency of public Policy frameworks for the development of the tourism sector at national, regional and worldwide level. www.tourismandhumanrights.com
  • Teaching fields Tourism and Human rights Tourism and Public Policies Cooperation for Development


Loreto Ibañez Castillo, from Chile, works since the end of the year 2014 for Excelia Group, France, as Teacher, Director of Tourism International Projects and Responsible of Humacité, and the Civic and Solidarity Missions of the students of our School of Tourism and Hospitality.

Before, she worked for 10 years for the United Nations World Tourism Organization. The first 5 years for the Department of Improving Competitiveness, and the last five as Manager of the UNWTO Certification Programme UNWTO.TedQual.

Her professional experience, comes, however, since the year 2000, time since which has worked at governmental level in Chile and Spain, at private sector level in Chile and the United Kingdom, and Academia level in Italy (as visiting professor) and now in France.


Latest contribution:

Analysis of public policies in the Americas Region (original title below)

2018 - Estrategia a Mediano Plazo para Mejorar la Cooperación y la Competitividad Turística en Las Américas. Practicas por País.
Autores: Loreto Ibañez Castillo, Profesora e Directora de Proyectos Turísticos Internacionales y Marc Gibiat, Director de La Rochelle Tourism & Hospitality School, y Maryse Robert, Directora, Richard Campbell, Jefe de la Sección de Cultura y Turismo, y Santiago Noboa, Especialista en Turismo del Departamento de Desarrollo Económico de la Secretaría General de la OEA.

Previous years:

UNWTO.TedQual Asia & The Pacific Magazine -First Edition - April 2013.
Loreto Ibañez: Higher Tourism Education – Guiding Students and Graduates to Make Things Right at All Times.

Revista Forum, Centro de Comercio Internacional – Edición Julio 2011.
Loreto Ibañez / Omar Valdez: The UNWTO.TedQual Mentoring Programme for Africa.

Newsweek Asia and the Americas – Edición Noviembre 2010.
Loreto Ibañez / Claudio Blaires: UNWTO.TedQual – The World Tourism Organization and its Contribution to Higher Tourism Education Worldwide.